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    Is there any chance to make corrections in online application already submitted and accepted by NEET

    Have you made a mistake in filling the NEET form? Worried about how to correct this mistake? Check out this page and resolve all your queries.

    One of my friend's son has failed to write the name on his photo uploaded during submission of the NEET on line application form. However other formalities are completed and even a print out has come.
    As per new rule of NEET, the candidate has to take new pass port size photo with date of photo taken mentioned on that along with candidate's name.
    But he mentioned the date and failed to write his name.
    Is there any chance to correct the details ?
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    Sir there is nothing to worry about.may be next month or so CBSE will open up the forms and one can correct the mistakes done first time.You might get sms on your registered mobile number when the forms open.But still check their website after the deadline.
    thanku hope this helps.

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    There may be some mistakes in respect of the candidates' filling particulars or with the images which the candidates uploaded with the application forms for NEET 2017. The Central Board of Secondary Education looks leniently to such matters (mistakes) and to rectify these mistakes, the board allows the correction period to make corrections in these particulars. Corrections in the filled-in details in the NEET application form for 2017 can be done in March, 2017.
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    I think not writing the name and instead just writing the date means it's hard to track the application. However if possible try to get this mistake recovered. I don't think it'd be hard to make corrections. You may however have to track the application at first place to get the correction made. If you have application number copied somewhere then you can get the name and rest of the details corrected. That should be possible in such case.

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    The NEET has given us the application number , but the editing options have not yet opened. When I even checked up the mail, no communication as to the requirement of need to write name on the photo ?
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    Just keep the application ID with you. As per my knowledge the edit mode can be opened for all in March 2017 as the board will give permissions for that. Then only you can make the changes. For that time, keep patience and make sure that you are equipped with all the relevant information in your hand.

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    NEET is conducted by CBSE. The one time correction has been started from 7 March 2017 and last date for the correct is 12 march. So please open your account and correct the form. It is only one time correction.
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