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    What should I do after diploma

    Confused what to do after diploma? Searching online for information? You will get ample ideas on this page.

    I will complete my diploma after 2 months then which course should I complete in vacation which is useful for my future and who secure my job. I have been studied in mechanical branch since last 3 years. Can give me suggestion related to the mechanical branch?
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    You will be completing your diploma in mechanical engineering and as it has got a vast presence in various industries, companies etc getting a job should not be a problem. Only thing is you have to keep an eye on various advertisements in newspapers and online in job sites including ISC where you are already active.
    Meanwhile you should try to join some short term course in computer so that it adds to your skills and you can take advantage of your computer awareness in your very first job.

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    I would suggest not to join college immediately.
    Join in some manufacturing company and work for one year.this will give you an idea of what to concentrate in your degree.this will also give boost to your resume once you finish your degree.
    in the meantime,also learn mathematics vey difficult subject for students from diploma.

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  • You have done diploma in mechanical. So your current focus should be in graduation. And you should consider the topics that help you during and after the graduation. For example, CAD and CAM training can be definitely useful. You can learn a lot of things with this training. You may also learn things over with the soft skills and communication skills.

    If you wish to get into IT then learning C and data structure definitely helps. Do learn how to solve some of the competitive exams. That sort of the focus after diploma definitely helps. You can also do the part time work or the internship. Some of the companies can help you in that set of direction. But you may have to commit to at-least month in such case.

    Apart from that see what are your options after the mechanical degree graduation. And you can do the work based on that.

  • You should gain experience by working in the industry. most diploma holders go on to work on the factory floor or workshops where they operate machinary as well as keep it maintained.
    You should have sufficient practical knowledge about the work you is best to go out and work in the field for a year so and then after that consider whether you want to go for study further or not.

  • So long as your result is not published, you may gain some working experience in a Power - plant, ONGC, Cement - industry or in any Heavy - industry so that you would be able to identify the working - procedures being carried out by Mechanical - engineers. Generally a Mechanical - engineer is required to do maintenance - job during the scheduled - shutdown often requiring greasing and replacement of the worn out parts and within a specific time - frame, shut - down is to be returned to the operation department for the normal process of production.
    Such exposure would strengthen your skill in maintenance - job, which is considered an essential job for people related to Mechanical - industry.

  • Till the time your vaccation end you should focus on gaining practical knowledge through various training programmes done by industries and educational institutions under current skill development programme.
    And at the same time you should also think about getting a graduation degree.

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  • There are lot of options for you.

    1. Since you asked things to do in vacation that means you have plan post vacation. If you are going opt Engineering direct second year then start preparing Math III. Most diploma students find Math III difficult so better you take coaching right way in vacation. Off course see other subjects of second year engineering start looking for their coaching as well. Engineering semester are small so you don't get much time to understand everything during semester duration.
    2. If possible look out option for civil services coaching. Since you are Mechanical engineer there will not be scope for you in Information Technology field and in software companies. Other sector is Core and government services. If you are aspirant of having government job this is right age and time to attempt UPSC and your state civil services examinations.
    3. Do not do job right way first complete engineering. If at all it's not possible because of financial situation then try to do job along with engineering.

    Hope this clears your confusion. All the best.

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  • After completing diploma there are two ways to follow.

    1. Join a suitable job.
    2. continue your education for obtaining higher qualification.

    First you decide one among the two. Here I want to add that you can improve your qualification while working also by joining night college or Distance education.

    If you want to join a job, immediately get trained in CAD and CAM. There are plenty of offers for diploma holders with CAD&CAM qualification. You need not look back once you get into a good organisation in this area. If you want after 2 years you can go for your graduation by getting admitted in night college.

    If you want to go for higher studies concentrate on your entrance test. You can go for coaching and work hard to make sure that you will get an admission in to a good college.

    However take a break for 15 days after your exams and enjoy. Then start as per your choice.

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  • You have fairly good opportunities after completion of your Diploma in Engineering. You have to decide yourself keeping your financial position and family needs in mind and choose one of the options before you- whether to go to job or continue your further studies. If you want to continue your studies, focus on the ICET examination conducted by the respective State Government where you would have a chance to join in the second year of the 4 year Engineering Graduation course i.e BE/B Tech based on the rank you get in the common entrance test. And you would be treated on par with the Engineering graduates after completion of the B Tech degree. You can appear for GATE examination and the score card would be helpful for seeking interviews in various PSUs and Government sector Engineering Trainee jobs. You can also try for on-campus/off-campus recruitment.

    The other option – if you want to join a job after completion of your Diploma, you can. Just follow the advertisements in the News Papers/ Employment News. There would be more job avenues as a Technical Assistant/Junior Technical officer for Diploma holders in various organizations like NTPC, HAL, IOL, DRDO, BDL and other private sectors. Meanwhile you can also try for an internship in any of the well reputed organizations.


  • You can take a course on safety engineering or power engineering. You can also take a course on Autocad. You can opt for higher studies like B.Tech, for this you have to give an entrance examination. As on date if you pass the examination you can directly get into the 2nd year for the four year B.Tech course as per your rank in the entrance examination.

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