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    Why UAN portal is not working for past few months?

    Are you unable to login to UAN portal? Is the UAN portal down? Get your doubts cleared by the experts.

    I tried to login UAN portal to check my EPF balance but server seems down for past few months. Why it is down? Has the Government launched any new portal to check EPF balance, EPF transfer, etc? Any update from government when UAN portal will work as usual?
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    EPFO has been down regarding upgradation and maintainance in recent days a lot people are unable to access their PF info. my advice is keep patient for some time. EPFO is put a new portal for ECR 2.0 and is experiencing huge traffic.
    If u wanna check your PF balance still you can check via their official android app
    m-epf download from the play store.
    members would be able to activate their UAN accounts through the mobile app and can also access their accountsfor viewing their monthly credits.

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    Yes the UAN portal is down since a long time.

    Here's the new portal link:


    However, this portal only lets you log in, not download your passbook or even your UAN card.

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    I have already noticed it. My wife has an EPF Account. She used to check it online. However, the portal has been closed for more than three months. When she sent an e-mail, a link was provided to her, which served her purpose.

    You can also send an e-mail to the following e-mail id indicating your UAN:

    I hope your purpose would be served.

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    Universal Account Number(UNA) is launched after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced its functionality and utility. But in the very short period, it disabled. The site was open 1 month earlier, now its is totally unresponsive.

    My suggestion is to please contact EPFO(Employees Provident Fund Organisation) for your account details. Also file an RTI to get status of the UNA website and its usability.

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    Consequent upon the facility to provide on line information about the EPF balance and other inquiries, the UAN site seems to have been over loaded and might have crashed. Every employee who is working in private company would certainly visit the site and know the balance whether it has been credited to the account or not and there seems to be some problem with maintaining too. Moreover never try the site during the day time the visits would be more and try the same in the late evenings. Some times I have have also checked and found to be working but that is some weeks back.
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    I just checked it today. The previous portal has undergone a little change. You will need to access the new portal address now. However, the passbook feature is still not working. It may take a couple of days for it to be streamlined.
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    #141464, Could you please provide URL of new portal? Does government or EPFO gave any notification about this new portal?

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    Unified portal system launched and there is a change in preparing and submitting challan. Centralization process is underprocess after that you will be able to downlaod passbook fron unified p portal. The old portal will no longer be used now.
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    Your observation seems to be correct. While loging into to EPS site through the link , UAN can be accessed, but account statement or passbook is not available at this moment. However it was available during initial stage of launch of this portal.

    However I would suggest you to download the EPFO app on google play store. You can access your PF account details through this app by giving UAN number. You can check the PF balance and statement using this app.

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    Hi Mr.Suresh kumar,I read your query just now. Yes, of course,UAN portal is not working but they provided new portal instead of old asked question that is "Why UAN portal is not working for past few months?" I'll give the exact answer for that question is because of they created new portal and old portal is outdated.So, you can go there.Next,you requested for the new portal address,take it from here
    You access through above link.there is a lot of traffic,so server is busy, That's why it is not works properly.if you are not satisfied with this answer you can contact me directly. I f you are satisfied then that will be the great achievement of poor little people like us. Thank-you.

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    The UAN portal is working now. I have checked it myself and found it to be working.
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    Yes the UAN portal which was used to check the PF balance was not working. My parents had problem in using that portal. But as now it is all well and patched up with new UI so all who wish can check it online and again use it as they used in past.

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    Dear friends, know when EPFO sites work well and reasons behind why EPFO site not working well at

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