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    What is the best way to clean a cap or hat so that it does not lose its shape?

    Want to clean a cap or a hat? Looking for a best way to clean and still not lose the shape? On this page find responses and tips from experts.

    A cap or a hat gets dirty quite quickly. If water is applied to it though, then it softens it, makes it get all scrunched up and it loses its shape. While the top part may get back its shape, the flap tends to acquire an odd crooked look. So I would like some tips on how to clean a cap/hat in such a way that it maintains its shape.
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    The small clothing items like cap, hanky, napkin, muffler, scarf etc are prone to dust, sweat and dirt.
    These items if put together with big cloths do not get cleaned properly. So it is better to wash them separately and if possible manually rather than putting in washing machine.
    One of the traditional and proved method to clean these items is to dip them for at least one hour in light detergent solution and then wash as usual. Keep them for a little time in sun and later shift to shade so that they do not get contracted or stretched.

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    The best way to clean the cap is just by cleaning it with wet cloth. The reason being if you wash the cloth then it surely makes it harder for the cap to regain it's shape. And for that many people don't wash the cap. You may instead just wet some cleaning cloth and clean the cap. This may get rid of the dust on the cap. It can also get rid of the cotton getting off the cap. So that seems to be the best method. If the cap is made up of plastic material then just washing it under tap water can get it cleaned too.

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    Wash the cap or hat separately without adding to any other clothes.
    Avoid washing machine and wash manually.
    Workout foam and froth in a tub or small vessel , using washing powder, soap or other mild detergent. Dip the cap or hat in that for some time.
    After a few minutes shake the cap/hat in the soap water itself to shake of the dissolved dirt.
    Wash with clean water mild rubbing.
    When clean, hang on a clothesline or some other convenient place or hook using a clip if needed and allow water to drip off. Do not rinse as it may cause wrinkles. Dry under shade or mild sun to protect colour.

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    There is nothing any special product made for cleaning the head wash the hat, cap, hankey, napkin ,...etc. in detergent powder, wash with our hands. after wash
    to remove stains completely wait for 15 to 20 minutes. so dirty will be remove completely after wasing in detergent powder and your cape or hat looks clean.

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