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    Financial Assistance for poor and needy people in case of medical emergency

    Do you want to know the various financial assistance for the poor and needy people in case of medical emergencies? Check out this page to know from the experts.

    Why there's no financial assistance for poor and needy people in emergency cases (except BPL category)? What kind of help does the central government provides to persons in need of urgent financial help, especially in medical emergencies? What schemes have been implemented by the central government for financial assistance?
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    In case of govt. hospitals most of the wards including emergency provide operating procedure and medicines depending on the disease. Some of the treatment however cost above and beyond what government can handle. For example cancer, kidney failure and organ failure in general are harder to cover by government. Though some of the foundations running hospitals are trying to solve this issue by offering assistance. But it's not always possible for all the diseases and issues.

    Government regardless of the party, can't implement universal healthcare, as there is no specific guidelines on the taxes collected. Also not everything is regulated. So it becomes harder to take universal healthcare to work for many hospitals. Government can only take care of the poverty and below poverty level people upto some extent. After that other citizens of the respective country need to come into the picture.

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    There are many insurance companies to offer insurance polices for medical expenses. Mediclaim policies and accident polices are available at a very lower premium rate. Everybody should opt for such kind or policies to take care of emergency medical requirements.

    Some state governments are offering free medical treatment for poor and needy basing on their level of poverty. In combined Andhra Pradesh there was a scheme called Arogya Sri. People who are having less income are eligible for this. Hospitals will give treatment for all diseases without taking any from you and government will reimburse to the hospitals. Even now also both the Telugu states implementing the scheme.

    Other states may also be having similar schemes.

    always confident

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