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    Can a person survive without religion ?

    Can a person survive without religion? The experts will help you out to know if religion is required for survival or not.

    Religion has been a big support for the mankind since the beginning of civilization. People have taken solace and peace inside the dome of religion. The theist say it is the ultimate thing in human life. There are some people who do not believe in this doctrine and opine that religion is not required for support or survival and a person can live his life without it as comfortably as with it. What is your opinion ?
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    I think people can live without religion just fine. Only issue is that people can't live in isolation. So regardless of religion, they have to be around each other. Isolation is bad for mind and health in general. Switzerland has shown that it is possible to live without the religion of any kind. And the people in Switzerland can live with multiple religious communities. India too have shown how to survive among different set of communities and still not practicing religion. However religion and it's festivals bring some good social activities. And that is in general good for mental health and also for health in general.

    As an agnostic, I find it harder to believe in one theory of creation of universe or the life on earth. So for me and many people like me, religion is just another tool to socialize with people. As for belief in entity behind universe, I think it'd be better to live that to evidence. Because being atheist is too assured position such as theist. And that gives us isolated approach towards the society.

    In 2017 and onward, it's possible to live without religion just fine. Many countries are moving towards that future. That may or may not be good considering it's sometimes better to have blind faith on things otherwise social depression may affect the society.

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    Don't animals live without them. They're doing just fine. Religions divide us more than gather us. They highlight our differences better than our similarities.
    I think humanity would have advanced furthur without the advent of religion.
    There is no concept of "belief" in nature.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    For a healthy survival the human being needs a social circle for the outlet of his feelings and with the association of his parents, friends and other relatives, he gets tremendous satisfaction. He is certainly influenced with the religions being practised by his own family. He might have heard a number of supporting texts of the religions which would be difficult to discard in the later part of the life. However, this may be quite possible to have a new concept in a baby if exposed to an atmosphere where religion is not taught but humane qualities such as love, compassion, sympathy, sacrifice and other qualities to enhance the basic values are taught to make him,a great human being is taught.

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    Religion is one of the various facilities which give a commonness and belonging to people. It is one of the elements in our society that makes co-existence and common belonging.
    If we do not follow any religion, then we should have some other thing that can bind us to some common belonging and participation.
    Religion is a fixed faith and allegiance to some set of principles and guidelines. Hence even professing non-religious also means some kind of religion. Even atheists, existentialists, all need some umbrella to stand collectively below it. Otherwise man will just float. That will end up as mental wreck.
    Whether humans or animals , they cannot live alone. They need pair and company and group. To belong to a group one should follow and comply with the core principles , guidelines, behavioural patterns, mutual relativity and faith and obedience for that group , whether available as written or unwritten.

    So. my opinion is that humans can live without following any 'religion' in the conventional meaning of religion which may bind one with some common factor.

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    Good question but the question is somewhat like, can Human live without Oxygen etc. The religion is to tell the truth to human about the past, present and the future in a simple manner stating the discipline to act by human where many ignores it or busy with the worldly life or conflict against it.

    This one (religion matter) can be told to sixth sense (human) creations only and not the fifth sense (animals) creations.

    The second one is, by seeing the different acts of worships by human (specially teenagers or just above age) in different places get annoyed or confused to whom to follow as 'God', they would like to identify the real one or wanted to be away from it, and later few become atheists too for a while as per his / her own decision and some hang in between atheists vs monotheist principle - depend on the scenario but God still gives them plenty of time by putting them in various tests in different duration to get on the right track through his / her own will on overall life's test.

    One of the main reason to get peace-less life on this subject is due to lack of knowledge of the religion and truths, that's why some think or follow the way that 'human born' from some sea-creatures...apes and on terms which is wrong or they would have changed the story possibly. The one who said such story might be identified his own origin - it is still wrong as well. However, in case if the human gets the right knowledge and truths then there will be no such question even from a kid and all would be standing in the same principle.

    The third confusion sometime created by few Scientists (who born few hundred years ago than Human's beginning era or its Scholars or Guidance to all humankind at that time) just for their profession's growth, saying so and so reason which is against it. If you think they are right then ask them or ask current Scientists when the 'air' or 'sun' born or created and when it will be 'over' or come to 'an end'...1.5 billion years ago they formed? and will come to an end after 2.5 billion years ago? Who created them? Any Human? A group of human?

    The one who says atheists or in a wrong way of worshiping God also remembering the right God (thus religion) by his / her physical (organ) acts (remembrance) without his / her own knowledge.

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    Off course person can easily survive without religion. When Human evolved there was no religion but survival of fittest. Religion is peace of mind for everyone. Instead it will be good worship parents. But other way religion bring people together and spend and enjoy time. Again consider this as unity for survival. That's reason you will see same religion countries are neighboring each other.
    Definitely you can survive and for that all you need is family.

    Life Is Beautiful

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    I think the question should separate religion and God (as based on original scriptures in Holy books). This is because there are 3 main categories of people. There are the true believers, who base their faith on the scriptures, then there are the atheists, and there are the religionists (huge majority). The 1st and 2nd can live without religion, and have been so very well and fulfilled, but the 3rd category are the ones who'd find it difficult or uneasy to go on with their lives without some form of religious activity.

    I have and do live my life without religion as such and am very happy for it. This gives me freedom to do the loving thing in any situation and interact with people of whatever belief without having issues on belief or non-belief. Most of the trouble I face is from religious people who insist on going through the outward motions to sort out problems without going to the root cause to make lasting solutions. They do that because they follow what religious authorities say instead of digging a bit for themselves. Religions have their worship and service regulated and they tend to get bound by their own limitations, and even worse, the traditions which take priority over what the godhead has to say; whereas God's word sets free. Religious leaders tend to keep their flock under their influence by preaching (not necessarily practicing) things that are pleasing to the ear, plenty of rules, and they dare not say anything to stir the flock into conviction. They need the flock to make a living. Please note, these are general statements, and there are exceptions and exceptional people within the religious circles also.

    Atheists say they don't believe God and still, they do things to help their neighbor and are not limited by religious settings.

    One can find in ancient writings in Vedas so many interesting things, freedoms, and inventions etc but it is not readily available for people to see. These are based on scriptural stuff, not religious stuff.

    It is a known fact that while in a Muslim or Mideast country, if one identifies himself as a Christian, he is quickly in trouble. If he says he is a follower of Jesus, there is openness and communication. That is an example of difference between religion and God. It is because the people of those places know what the 'religious Christian' people did to their countries and people.

    As a believer in Jesus/Bible, I can see where Jesus says his kingdom is not of the earth; sell all you have and follow me; to trust him to supply and feed/clothe you, etc. He was not even religious and never asked to build buildings and create traditions and religious formalities. I like and live with this scripture-based non-religion. It is wonderful.

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    A person can survive without relegion and can still live happily. Relegion is a concept developed and followed by the people which they often use to stick to a morality and stopping them from following a wrong path, it is something that make them fearful about their wrong deeds.
    But if a human has strong will and rational thinking and he is strong enough to fight against wrong deeds and standup for right things he can easily surgive without relegion.
    And this kind of survival is better than any kind of fanatism on the name of religion.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    No a person can survive without Relegion because we are programmed that way . relegion is very important for all of us because we stay in here nobody do any bad work.
    If we look back,relegious has only been the cause of conflict and seperation among men,so not only i think we can survive without relegion, I believe it is necessary if we want a bettar future.
    I was born in a hindu family, my parents trusted on god and naturally i have also taken the same route but after childhood go we have a ability to understand whats happening after that we don't need relegion to survive.

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    Yes, definitely a person can survive in this world without religion only and only if he or she knows the depth of real religion which is humanity, it is true that people here will not let anyone to survive without religion they will do every possible things to attract oneself into religion but it is upon ourself how we react and how much patient we have on ourself to control every bit of pain which other will force on us to attract into their religion.
    live happily in every situation of life

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    Although many Members have said that people can survive withour religion, I think very few people can do so. Human being is actually a very weak animal. It doen't have physical power like other animals. It is also a social animal. So, when a human being faces the wrath of the society or the complex body-mechanisms break down due to some disease, human being starts pray to the Almighty, the Omniscient, the Omnipresent.

    So far as well-defined religion are concerned, human being can survive without religion only if all people leave the organised religions and start believing in humanity and spirituality. Otherwise, religion will remain and division in the name of religion will also remain.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    NO, NO there are not a single person in the society without belogning to a particular religion. Hence it is not possible for us to survive without a religion even it can be done.

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    Human beings can live their life as they like. Individual has to take his route. All the persons taking similar route way will have common experience and common understanding. Religion is nothing but your way of life. When human beings are in problem they pray GOD. God is one and the same. But to reach him there are different ways. Each way is one religion. But people in the name of Religion doing mischiefs and making the innocent people to suffer and playing with them.

    We will have different routes to travel. Route canbe asper your liking. Nobody can say that my way is correct and your way is not correct.Similarly all religions are same. All of them will preach peace and honesty. No body can say my religion is better than others.
    In Indai we are very secular and encourage all. But because of vote bank politics these selfish politicians are trying to create differences and trying toget benefitted .
    People should not care for this and every body should have the attitude of live and let live

    always confident

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    Though most of the responses above state that one can live without a religion, it is quite fine to write it. But when it comes to actually practicing it - you may find it quite difficult. If you are living in the real sense of the word, it would not be possible. You need a community to have a normal kind of life. Human being is a social animal and you need a religion to bond you together with the other people. Religion forms an integral part of this bonding.
    Some of the responses point out above that animals have no religion. Animals do not feel the way we humans feel, right? You cannot compare the animals with humans just like that. I do not consider religion as something that is imposed on you. It is the way of life. What you practice becomes your religion and that is exactly how religious practices have grown and come into force.
    You may argue which practice you would want to follow or not, but you cannot live without a religion. Human being a society "animal", religious thoughts have remained a matured thought and way of living rather than just a practice being followed blindly. Unless the human mind goes on to become a machine, you cannot live without religion - no matter how many arguments you bring.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    An individual can live a life freely without any religion on earth. Gradually, and as a true follower of Jesus, we believe in what he says, "Don't fear those who kill the body but are not able to kill the soul; rather, fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

    With reference to your query, here's an clarification on why should we cannot survive without religion because we believe in Eternal Life after death.

    A good reference story of Jesus and Nicodemus. Nicodemus was a ruler of Jews from Pharisees who approached to meet Jesus just to compliment Him saying, "Rabbi, I know you have come from God as a teacher, for none could do miracles you do unless God were with him."

    Jesus replied, I assure you: unless someone is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Nicodemus wondered, can he enter his mother's worm a secod time and be born? Jesus answered, unless someone is born of water and the spirit, he cannot enter God's kingdom.

    We believe in eternal life both in Hell and Heaven. Thus... According to me we can live a life withot religion but you can't be reborn again.

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    We can't live without religion.Religion is the way of life.Religion make us human.Religion shows us the path to follow.
    Religion makes our life happy and meaningful.It gives us a sense to enjoy.Religion is our strength.The complete faith in almighty shows us the right path to follow.In my opinion no one can live without religion.

    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    Good to answer this query because I strongly believe that religion is not required to survive. Religion is required only when we fill our educational form or any official forms. When children study in school all are treated equal they are not thought religion wise. Some people still have un-touch-ability system from lower caste. For example Our neighbor she was very orthodox and would not take water also from any other caste. One fine day when she was bringing vegetables she fainted due to hot sun and a maison near by helped her and gave water and sprinkled her. She was better after that and came home. The purpose of narrating this story because we should always think we are human beings first . Our caste, religion all can be done at our home we should never reinforce our religion to others to follow it.

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    Ya. It's possible to live without god and religion, we are not born with religion, living with humanity is the essential one for all human beings,humanity and love, caring is the important thing for humans.

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    Well, what I think is that living without religion is same like eating non-veg or not. If you are a vegetarian then it totally depend on you whether you eat it or not. Even if you are not willing to eat non-vegs, you can still enjoy and live your life to the fullest. Same is with religion, if you wish to follow it, you can and if you don't wish to follow then it's still ok. The God will not take away your life if you don't believe in his existence because no one has seen god and those who claim that god really exist and they have met them have no solid reason to prove their fact.
    God and religion is just a concept created by some wise person to create an illusion in the mind of people so that they could understand that some one is more supreme than human beings and he is monitoring them all the time. If they will do any act of harming, cheating stealing or any evil deed, god will punish him after his death. This illusion was created to stop the criminal activities and other evil works which a man can do. For the smooth running of life in a society, concept of religion was introduced.
    However, you can not challenge the existence of god because when any one believes strongly in his religion and god then he gets some ultimate peace and eternal happiness. Believing in God strengthen one' self-confidence. Denying the existence of god is like denying the power behing all these natural phenomena taking place around us. How everything can be so perfect. We have different kinds of living organisms, different weather and other natural resources like air, water, trees etc. which are essential for our survival. How all these occured on this planet. You can go for scientific explanation for this but before that I want you to answer one of my question. Scientists claim that human were once monkeys, if it was so then how monkeys still exist. If we transformed into human beings from monkeys then from where does this monkey come from. Scientific explanation can not satisfy your every question so you will have to exist in that almighty god.
    Whether you believe in any religion or not does not matter but you must believe in the existence of go. Don't be a complete atheist.

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    There should be some motivation in life. If I fail in an endeavor I pray to God that please give me strength that I succeed in the activity that I take up next.
    So in the above instance I have an entity by which I get motivation in life and He is called God or Almighty. He gives us strength in our odd times. People who lived in different areas in the past and encountered different situations wrote a mythological document and it was followed by all the generations which was termed as Religion. It is basically a way how we should act based on the mythological document. According to me this is the significance of religion

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    A child is born to parents who follow certain system of life. Naturally the new born child starts to follow the parents as soon as it attains that growth. There will be a religion for the parents and the child will be automatically following the same, at least until it grows to a stage capable of thinking independently. There are several people who have followed this line. In this world it is possible to lead a life without depending on a religion.
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