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    What is the general care to be taken for "Chicken Pox"?

    Worried about chicken pox at the time of season change? Know what our experts have to say about the medicines and food habits of chicken pox.

    This is the season many children and youngsters are affected by 'Chicken Pox' especially towards examination season. Generally getting Chicken Pox for the first time is known to be good to improve natural immunity towards that disease. Rash or pustules formed on the body will itch and irritate a lot with fever. Naturally it takes 5-7 days to get subsided. Usually Sandalwood paste and neem leaves will be applied and used to reduce itching and irritation. People will follow different types of food restrictions during this disease. Is it good to use English medicines to control the affect of this disease? What kind of food habits and rules you generally follow in your home if any body affected by 'chicken Pox'?
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    There is a Homeo medicine to prevent Chicken Pox. Once, when my son was affected by chicken box, my family was advised to take the Homeo Medicine to avoid chicken pox spreading to other family members. It had its effect. None of my family were affected by my son's chicken pox.
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    Chicken Pox or Ammai in Tamil is the natural phenomenon that should occur in every child and that should not be prevented with medicines or vaccines. The whole body would be troubled with boils and the inching would be unbearable to the child. The best way to have control over the spreading of the same to other parts of the body is to allow the child only sleep on the neem leaves bed. And regularly the child should be fanned with those leaves and see that he is given cool things like Butter milk, curd rice and coconut water. Never do masala cooking when the child is down with the pox and never allow the child to mingle with other child. It is the spreading phenomenon and if the members of the family are not clean and wont keep the child isolated for at least one week , it will spread to others too.
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    Chicken pox is a highly contagious and infectious disease. But thank God, it has life long immunity also. So the best way is to immunise children with the vaccine. Those who have already caught the disease will not get it again.

    Keeping the above in mind we have to take care of the patent.
    1. Let only those who had already suffered from the disease treat and be near to the patient.
    2. Let there be total hygiene in the house.
    3 It is better if the patient is quarantined to the possible extent not allowing to roam around.
    4.The things used by the patient should be disposed very carefully after proper disinfection and sanitisation.
    5. Let those who are not vaccinated earlier or not suffered earlier keep off from the patient.
    6.Do not self medicate.
    7 Avoid 'hot' foods literally and figuratively. Give food that make body 'cool'. I is better to give easily digestible semi solid foods like rice-gruel, coconut water etc. Avoid coffee, tea etc. Use fruit juices, milk, butter milk etc.
    8. Let the patient not scratch the boils and scars. If the irritation is unbearable, cleaned fresh neem leaves bunch may be used to stroke the blisters. Scratching may make the wounds deep and that will make the later scars also thick and may not go also.
    9. Let the patient not take bath before the specified time (generally two to three weeks0 when the disease fully manifests and starts healing.
    10. Even after 'bathing' patient has to stay indoors for a few more days to avoid spreading infection.
    11. For bathing also it is better to use sun-warmed water in which clean neem leaves and a little turmeric are put.
    12. Continue with 'cool' foods for some more days after full recovery also.
    13. Apply Olive oil(preferably) or coconut oil on the scars for a period till the scars disappear.

    General:. Consult the usual doctor you visit. It is belter the patient does not go (to avoid spreading disease). Let the close relative tell details and show the earlier health-history records. If the doctor gives you some symptomatic medicines use only those and not do anything by yourselves. Take doctor's advice.
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    Here are some of the steps that can be taken if you want to avoid getting infected.

    1. Usually kids get infected with chicken pox if they are not vaccinated. And that's one reason to avoid contact of other children with them. If the adults never got vaccination for the same. Then they need to get immunity booster shots.

    2. The blisters re likely to contain infection. So one should tell the infected person to avoid scratching at all costs.

    3. Make sure one applies talcum powder or something that gets the itchy feeling off the blisters. Avoid using warm water or so on the open blisters.

    4. Make sure to keep the food as per the diet for the infected person. And try to avoid the spicy and other food which may not be good for the infected person.

    5. Chickenpox is contagious and usually touch of rash or open blister is enough to cause infection. So those with minimum immunity should avid the contact with the infected person.

    6. Consult the doctor for case specific medication and also keep the doctor in loop. This should help with the general care for the patient.

    These are some of the generic tips as far as the care is concerned for the doctor on chicken pox.

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    Chicken pox is highly infected and contagious and as such we need to take certain remedial measures in order to handle such situation. The following points would be helpful
    1) The attendant should have been vaccinated so that he does not fall under the grip of the infection.
    2) The Neem bath is helpful in arresting the spread of the blisters since Neem is antibacterial, antifungal and antivirus is nature.
    3) In order to minimise the itching, Honey can be used on the external parts where there is prevalence of blisters.
    4) Special care has to be taken with regard to food. Chicken soup, plenty of water, Lemon, Carrots, Beet - roots and Apples would be benificial.
    5) The patient should be given light food with a little use of oil and spice.
    6) Scratching of the blisters should be avoided. Application of olive oil or coconut oil would eliminate itching.
    7) The patient should remain under the consultation of the Doctor so that the emergency situation can be handled effectively.

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    Don't know about the medicines for that consult doctor. but i know what foods is good to eat for chiken pox patience my brother is facing the pox so doctor tells about what to eat and what not to eat :
    1. Boiled vegetables are the best since there is no oil involved in their cooking, strictly no oil or salt/spices in your food.
    2. Eat fruits like banana which are packed with carbs and other essential nutrients.
    3. Drink water as much as you can.
    4. Drink coconut water in the morning, which are having vitamins and nutrients.
    5. Take in good amount of curd (dahi) throughout the day, its good for healing the skin well.

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    Chicken pox is a contagious disease.The house is kept neat and clean.Non -Veg is not cooked.The patient is kept in a separate room..Neem leaves are kept near him/her.Seasonal fruits are given him/her.Spicy food is not given.Juices of fruits is given to the patient.
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    Chicken pox is highly contagious disease and we need to take certain remedial measures.
    1.Isolate the patient and do send the child to school till it become all right.
    2.Scratching of the blisters should be avoided. Apply calamine lotion on the spots.
    3.Avoid 'hot' foods.
    4. Patient should not take bath or take bath with neem leaves boiled in water and the water is mixed the bathing water.
    5. Consult the doctor and take medicine.

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