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    Confused with my career decisions

    Confused with your career decision whether to start preparing for IAS exam or do a private job and along side start preparing for IAS exam? The experts will definitely guide you with their opinions and answers.

    My dream is to become an IAS officer but as i heard that its a realy tough exam so i first completed my MBA in 2015 and planned to appear bank/ssc jobs and after that i will prepare for ias. And i also crack the prelims of some bank exams but mains i couldn't but this year one of my frnd has appear in bank po he told me that there is a strict checking of the certificates if any slight mistake has arise it will cancelled his/her candidature. So in my case i have a problem in matriculation certificate where my father's name is slight wrong i mean one word is missing.i went to cbse regional office they told me its already late by now.Even i ask ibps and ssc toll free no they told me that they don't know.And i contact to many people who were working in banks by asking that whether an affidavit will be enough but they are also not sure.I already sit for 1.5yrs and my age is 25+ and also all my relatives have started shouting to do a private job but i don't have so much of interest at all and also i am worried if i do a private job whether i can manage the time for preparation or not for IAS.And other side iam thinking i have already waste 1.5 yrs now whether to start a fresh preparation of ias or to do a private job and prepare for ias.But my only aim is IAS. Please suggest what to do and also to whom i seek advice.Even my mother is also confused. Experts please help me on this matter.
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  • You are doing good so far. Already there is age limit for UPSC various post so after that age you can not attempt.
    Be positive about your decision. Continue preparation work IAS and give attempts till you achieve you goal. Not only IAS there are many respected position in Central Government so spend some time to keep those options open.
    Here are few things you can do.
    1. First thing first to correct your matric certificate father name. Visit your matric certificate university and ask them to give your replacement or duplicate certificate. With proper proofs they will issue correction. If not then talk to good lawyer for getting proper affidavit of your name mistake. Bank has to give proper justification for denying your certificate. If you have cleared process of interview then documents are formality to validate things. You can file case if you are rejected on the basis of inappropriate documents.
    2. You can continue attempts in various state and national level civil service examinations. First wherever you get offer grab it for now. If it is state level then while working continue to attempt for national level. I have many known friends who did this way.
    3. Take a pick of private job and work hard in past time to study for IAS. It is toughest part since many quits because of workload.

    Think you have not wasted your years but earned good knowledge for preparation of IAS. Now better use it for various exams grab something for now. All the best.

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  • First thing if there any spelling mistake in SSC marksheet Board will be corrected but you have to go for correction between 1 year after getting a marksheet in hand.
    Second thing to became an IAS( indian administrative) officer which is too hard to get into IAS but with proper guiadance and hard work you will able to achieve you objective so first you have to complete your graduation from any recognized university of india.second apply for UPSC civil service examination and clear all three rounds preliminary examination, main examination and interview with a good rank. 33% percentage are fix for qualyfying the UPSC (preliminary examination) which are in MCQ based pattern.if you qualify mains exam than last is interview for personality test which are of 275 marks.
    so you will have to be in a Top 100 and get good ranks.
    Here if you score 50% you will be count in among ranks would be given 1000 between only 100 will get IAS.
    I add UPSC civil examination papers in question paper section which will be approved in few days that will help you for fight the exams. i wish you will became an IAS officer.
    All the best

  • Experts what do you think should I start searching a private job or continue the preparation work for IAS ?

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    Do whatever you like to do which is close to your heart but i think you should go for private jobs. there is no harm in actually for an year or two year before giving first attempt .get a good job, work for some months. so you should get some experience.

  • You are advised to be far sighted and the problem with which you are facing such a missing of a word in your father's name has to be corrected by the CBSE Board. In this connection, you may approach the Principal of the school from where you received your secondary - education and by forwarding an application where in there should be clear mention of the discrepancy- in your case the missing of a word of your father's name along with a proof such as photo - copy of Aadhar card or Voter's I'd card duly forwarded by the Principal and to be sent to CBSE Bord through the Registered -post duly attached with acknowledgement - card. There may be some delay in the process but you are sure to get your father's name corrected.
    Regarding the preparation of IAS examination, you need consider the toughness of the pattern but you must be familiar with the process how the same can be cracked with a better utilisation of time. You may take the help of Rao - study Circle or T.I.M.E for the further clarification with respect to your preparation and by getting a personal guidance from such Institute would help you in achieving your IAS target.
    The other option would be to attempt State - level Administrative services and the same can be cleared with a little tactics and consistent effort. Here the level of preparation would not prove that much strenuous. Once you crack this examination and get a post of BDO, you can go in for IAS examination after a period of two years with the right guidance of the Institutes.
    Be a better planner and you should not be perturbed unnecessarily.

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