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    Best practices for having normal pregnancy delivery ?

    Do you want to know the best practices involved for carrying out a normal pregnancy delivery? The experts will provide you with the most suitable solutions.

    In India there is lot of chances that woman having cesarean pregnancy than normal. Now most of time it had happened that doctor had told husband that they don't have choice other than doing cesarean. Even though couple had planned for normal ultimately it lands into cesarean. We all know that woman suffers lot by having those cesarean marks. There are very finger count doctors who are confidents to do normal pregnancy delivery. What are best practices for having normal pregnancy to lesser pain?
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    Now a days because of commercialization many doctors are suggesting that the mother should go for caesarean rather than the normal delivery.
    As per information available in internet, about 80-85% out of all the pregnant mothers have a chance for normal delivery.
    The pregnant ladies have to observe certain measures during pregnancy like regular exercising, proper diet, adequate sleep, avoiding stressful situation etc.
    In case of any doubt advice of doctor is to be obtained.
    It is strongly suggested that the mother should go through the prenatal and birthing information available in internet. Further, reading books on labour management during birth and other general aspects will help the mother prepare for the delivery time.

    Knowledge is power.

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    To attain motherhood is a dignified status but the way, the deliveries are being carried out in modern hospitals by the attending doctors really horrify the mothers. In fact, the cesarean - operation is less time consuming and facilitates easy delivery despite other sides- effects such as loosening and stretching of the skins of the private - parts of the lady. In order to avoid such a situation, the following steps would be helpful-
    1) The mothers should take enough nutrients like right amount of Protiens such as Eggs, Chickens and Curds apart from healthy Calcium - intake by taking enough milk. Dry fruits in moderate amount such as Walnuts and Almond would strengthen the foetus.
    2) in the advanced stage of the pregnancy ie from the seventh month and onward, enough orange supplementation should be encouraged for the easy delivery.
    3) Care should be taken to have regular consultation with the Gynaeocologist to assess the health of the baby and any complication as perceived can be sorted out immediately.
    4) Continue your physical - activity and light exercise till the end of 9 th month in order to have normal delivery.
    5) Get your self checked for diabetes and High Blood Pressure since these two factors may affect the health of the baby.
    6) Prior to delivery in a Nursing - home, get a feed - back of the doctors engaged in the delivery - process. Have talks with them and apprise them of your desire that you want to avoid cesarean in the process of delivery.

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    The care and practice should start from day one itself.
    Once pregnancy is confirmed , the woman has to visit an experienced gynaecologist or at least a qualified and experienced lady doctor. From then on the woman should follow the doctor's advice and suggestions and visit for the periodical check up and monitoring.
    Along with that the woman can get practical suggestion from experienced elder women of her family or well wishers for the time tested traditional wisdom in care.
    For working women , they should try to avoid shaky and bumpy ride in autorikshaws for the first three months. It is better to avoid high stress exercise or excess physical exertion during the first three months.
    The woman need not take too literally 'eating for two'. There need not be any compulsory thrusting of food. At the same time there need not be starving or fasting also. The food intake will automatically increase in natural way with proper hunger and need.
    If it is first pregnancy, the woman should se that she spend her leisure time involving in pleasant ambience, reading or hearing good and positive matters. She should not give ear to tension giving and anxiety creating matters. Humming and hearing happy mood songs, lullabies and humming prayer verses are all good and can avoid unwelcome mood.
    After three months the woman can have all her normal household work, except that of to much straining and jumping and shaking. If doctor permits the woman can involve in her routine job and work till the previous day given as due date.
    Some postures for sitting , standing and lying for sleep are to be avoided and certain other postures and position are to be encouraged. The woman can get to know o this from the experienced elder women in her family and well wishers.
    From confidence gained from the advice and care by the doctor, her own faith and prayer, the woman should consciously feel and also reinforce herself that everything will be normal and avoid any anxiety. She should also shake of any scare stories told by the gossip groups . Taking normal nutritious food, remaining moderately active always, taking proper sleep and rest , adopting time tested proper postures, keeping mind happy and positive and following doctor's advice and suggestions- all will enable a normal natural delivery.,

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    Well, it may depend on individual person to have a proper understanding of the subject. However, some of the tips here can be helpful.

    1. Once your pregnancy is confirmed, read as many books as possible about the pre natal behaviour. Get advice from your near and dear ones. There are courses available for natual labour pain management techniques.

    2. Choose your gynecologist after due research. With the medical profession becoming a business, there are many hospitals which force gullible mothers for caesarian delivery. Find the doctor who believes in natural delivery.

    3. Avoid gaining too much weight. Too much of eating can cause you go overweight and thereby create complications at the time of delivery. Gone are the days when they used to say you have to eat for two. Eat normally as you would do, but the make the meals you take more nutritional.

    4. Indulge in regular exercises. Too much of rest can be dangerous. Go about your work as you would be doing if you were not pregnant. Just take care not to put too much pressure on the abdominal region. Concentrate on exercises that make the pelvic muscles strong.

    5. Stay away from stress. Try to be in a soothing company. Staying cool and composed can be much helpful.

    6. Have proper sleep. It helps in the proper development of the baby.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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