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    Role Switch from IT consultancy to Service Marketing

    Are you bored of an IT role? Wondering whether you can switch to a service marketing role? Find advice from experts here.

    Having done my B.Tech and then MBA from recognized institutes in India, I landed up a job as a consultant in an IT firm, which is more of a techno-functional role. But my interest wholeheartedly lies in Marketing/ Branding/ Advertising.
    It is close to one year now since I'm in this consultant job, will it be possible/easy for me to switch to another company that provides a proper marketing role? Further, do companies abroad consider foreign candidates with a profile like mine for their marketing based roles? I have got under 1 year of work experience, with no year gaps in my academic profile. Can experts advice.
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  • I think it is definitely possible to switch to sales and marketing. You may find much more interesting in the field of the social media marketing. And other digital marketing jobs. You may have to undergo some training in order for that to work though. There are some of the companies which are hiring the people as intern for marketing jobs.

    Based on the description given by you. I think you should definitely try into the digital marketing and the PR marketing route. There is also image consulting route if you like to be in sales and marketing. That can save you some of the problems.

    I don't think companies have any problem with nationality, caste, place and origin of the candidate. They hire on the basis of the competence of the candidate. However you have to show that you are perfect for the sales, marketing or the digital marketing position that you are applying for.

  • Right now you have got a good job as per your qualifications and there is no harm in continuing it some more time as experience gaining is also an important aspect of a job.
    Now another thing which is more important is the aptitude of a person. If you have an aptitude for a certain type of job then you will fully enjoy it and will have job satisfaction. From that angle after gaining some experience in present job say 1-2 years you can think of switching to your favourite one.
    You have to keep track of jobs in various sites and newspapers and accordingly apply there.
    Meanwhile reading of business magazines for latest in marketing and branding will give you good material for coping in the interviews.
    As regards to foreign companies you can try online with your CV and credentials and a brief write up on how you will be performing if you were selected there for the specified job so that they can make preliminary assessment and if satisfied can communicate to you further.
    Before switching one has also to see the difference in financial package and other logistics so that a calculated decision can be taken.

    Knowledge is power.

  • It is possible to switch the role from IT to marketing services. doing a job in IT firm is good and has better scope compared to other but your interest and passion are about marketing than it is also a good job. the main experience in marketing which is required to be performed by an employee is maintaining a relationship with the customer and attracting a customer behalf of the product. so the experience is based on which marketing companies you want to go. digital marketing and IT(services) marketing is good in future also because the technology advanced and dynamic of IT as a sector are changing very fast.

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