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    Is there any chance to increase height at the age of 17 for girls?

    Worried about being short? Searching for methods of increasing height? Check out this page for response to your queries.

    I am 16 yrs old and going to be 17 this year.
    My height is 4"9 which is very short.My mother is 5"0 and my father is 5"4-5.
    Is there still a chance to increase my height?
    If yes then should I take supplements, consult a doctor or anything else?
    Can you suggest.
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    I'm not a doctor but really supplement does not work for me. I'll suggest you to don't take any supplement or powder for increasing your height. the way to increase your height is to eat plenty of food, plenty of water and sleep 7 to 8 hours at each night. Some another things that will help you to gaining height which are advise by my yoga teacher :

    1. Milk : Drink two glasses of milk
    everyday. it build your bones and
    provide protien,vitamin D and
    2. Eat otmeal called dalia in hindi that will
    makes your heart healthy too. By eating
    dalia in breakfast than definitely your
    height will be increases. It works for me
    3. Beans,peanuts and peas having a
    protien, minerals and
    vitamin that makes you taller.
    4. Turnips also helps in increasing height.
    It is one of the most effective foods to
    grow taller.

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    If you take certain measures, you are certainly to register height in the coming months and moreover, you have not exceeded the limiting age prohibiting you for the further growth in terms of height. You need to take concrete steps so that you get positive results in case of height - elevation. You may try following tips -
    1) You need to take Calcium enriched foods such as Milk, Cheese, Curd, carrots etc in order to get sufficient supplementation of Calcium.
    2) Include Green - vegetables such as Spinach, Beens, Okra, Capsicum in order to get sufficient Vitamin - B complex, Vitamin A and other nourishing minerals.
    3) Fruits such as Bananas, Apples and Grapes are to be taken on regular basis in order to get positive result.
    4) Include Chicken, Fish and Eggs in your food since these foods contain healthy Protiens apart from minerals like Calcium. Phosphorous and other essential vitamins for the growth of the body.
    5) You need to take sufficient sleep for at least eight hours during night so that Growth - harmon remains active in the body - responsible for the growth of the height.
    6) Withania - somnifera also known Aswagandha works wonders in the elevation of height. You need to take around one tea- spoon of this powder along with warm milk prior to sleep for two months at a stretch in order to get tangible result.
    7) You should involve in stretching - exercises for at least thirty minutes daily. Skipping is equally good for muscle - strengthening.
    8) Take enough water around three litres in order to eliminate toxins from the system so that you enjoy a healthy metabolism.

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    You must have seen the sport women have good heights. They are not born to gain that height neither their parents had. So basically along with diet you will need to follow sports. Play such games where height is getting used. E.g. basket ball , volley ball or even badminton.
    For basketball players stay hanging to poll by hand for long times to grow their hand and height length. For same reason gym instructor might tell you to do pull up or chin ups which increases height.
    It is said they you can't grow more than your parents but I have seen exceptions. Mostly till 21 years you have quite lot chances of growing height. All the best.

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    After a certain age it is difficult to gain in height but certain efforts may help in that direction.
    First of all rich diet containing calcium, minerals, antioxidants etc is a pre requisite for body growth.
    Certain exercises like hanging below a horizontal rod by fastening both the hands on rod is said to produce the desired result. Initially it is to be doe for little time (10-15 seconds) and gradually can be prolonged to 1/2 minute.
    This exercise in case of ladies is to be done under advice of a physiotherapist or a gynaecologist.

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    Taking a healthy food along with regular exercises may help to achieve a overall development.
    In case there are doubts one has to take advice of a qualified nutrician.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    For gaining heights there are certain exercises.Drawing and pulling are basically fruitful. Cycling and dancing also help in gaining heights.Taking healthy food and good sleep are also necessary.
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    To increase your height you have to take nutritious foods. Try to take foods enriched in calcium, vitamin D and lots of minerals which plays important role in developing your bones and muscles. Certain types of exercise can do a wonder for you such as jumping rope etc. Yoga is also very much helpful, as I also get result by performing yoga. Try to do asanas like Ustrasana, Dhanurasana, Trikonasana etc. Hope it will do best for you..

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