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    Is it true that Modi government is allotting free flats to citizens

    Heard about free flat allocation by government? Wondering if this is true? check out this page for response to your queries.

    There is news all around the city about PM Modi Government is allotting free flats to certain category citizens by 2020. They are submitting their ration card copy and Aadhar for this process. I don't know whether it is real or just fake news. I wanted to know is it true that Modi govt allotting free flats to citizens? If so, what is the procedure for it? Kindly enlighten on this.
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    I don't think "free flat" is a true news. In fact this news is part of the government changing slum condition in this country. However there are some of the legitimate plans being put forth by this government on housing and healthcare. For example,

    1. Existing slums are being shifted from poor living condition and moved into much more safe and improved housing. In maharashtra this was implemented by congress with MHADA schemes. The same scheme will be run under smart city scheme by this government. But it may take more than 2020 for better smart city shift from slum living people.
    2. Universal healthcare plans under which everyone is allotted some specific healthcare service. This way for basic medicare one doesn't have to pay.

    Considering these two points being in legitimate news, I don't think anywhere this government or the previous one made any claim regarding "free flat", unless it is MHADA type of schemes running. I think there has to be legitimate news source to verify this.

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    No there is nothing free but scheme of government.
    The government plan is to provide housing for all by 2022. For that create 20 million new urban housing units and 30 million rural homes.
    Builders had to define affordable homes as costing 20-40 Lac rupees. They are generally units of up to 600 sq ft (55 sq metres).
    Also National scheme initially offered lower interest rates for loans up to 600,000 rupees. Prime minister Modi extended subsidies for loans up to 12 lac rupees, for young couples who are first-time homebuyers.
    It is kind of mutual benefit for banking sector and common people who have dream of owning flat.

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    According to bharat gramin awas yojna scheme, affordable flats provided by government to poor people in the year 2022. the forms are made for this scheme , after submitting the form BJP members come for survey and for obsevation. This scheme is started in year 2015 and would conclude successfully in year 2022. Only SC/ST category and the women which are irrespective of caste and relegion will be elegible to filling the form.

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    Making Pucca roof yojana is running all over.Govt is providing money changing katcha roof into pucca roof.Prime Minister has said subsidised loans will be made available for building or expanding homes in rural India.Low Interest loans will be made available for urban poor.
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