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    Is a person suffering with Mania, can be recovered?

    Do you want to know as whether Mania is a disease, if so the remedy for it. Check here to know about it from our experts

    I want to know ,What is Mania?How can it be recovered?There are different symptoms of this disease.Some people have Mania of neatness,some have Mania to supersede others.Some have mania of wandering here and there.some talk in loneliness with themselves.Is a person suffering with Mania can be recovered or not?
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  • First let's differentiate Mania,phobia, fear and dread. Mania is a temporary arousal or excitement. Phobia is a prolonged irrational fear of something. Fear could be an unpleasant behavior caused by a threat. Dread is just a great fear.
    I think it's the phobia rather than mania, that you want to discuss about.
    Though here are some types of manias:
    1. Clinomania- excessive desire to stay in bed.
    2. Bibliomania- craze for reading books.
    3. Pariomania- abnormal compulsion to wander.

    So, these manias are more like disorders than a disease.
    It is a psychological disorder,so psychotic drugs and electrocution therapy are mostly clinically preferred. Lithium is most widely used.
    Acute manias take months to recover from.

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  • All the people do not suffer with mania but it is found in many people in various form.

    It is a type of obsession to do a particular thing in a perfect or repeated manner.

    There are people who have a mania for orderliness and cleanliness. Even a clean place they will try to clean in a perfect way and after that only they will be satisfied.

    Mania is a internal manifestation of desires and actions and emerges out in form of obsessive work patterns.

    The chain of obsessive compulsive behavior is deep routed and totally governed from the subconscious mind.

    Curing a person in such cases may not be so easy though various types of medicine systems claim it.

    Modern medicine system also prescribe certain medicines which in some way or other control the activities of brain and are believed to change these patterns significantly.

    Anyway medicines apart, there are some other methods mostly with lifestyle changes which may help in such cases.
    If such a person is advised and perused to adopt Yoga, Pranayam and other meditation techniques it may divert his mind to these positive things and slowly his obsessive patterns may reduce to some extent if not fully.

    One interesting thing to note is change of life style, engagement in new activities and even sometimes change in dwelling place helps significantly in such mental ailments.

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  • Mania is a way of undertaking a task in a repetitive manner and even by doing so, one is not getting internal satisfaction compelling one to repeat the same. It may manifest in many forms such as repeated approach to the door to see that the door is properly locked or not, undertaking of cleanliness especially by the ladies of a cleaning the face repeatedly or taking up face - cleaning a number of times even though the same is not warranted.
    Though there are medicines in all the symptoms such as Allopathy, Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic in order to alleviate this disorder. However, With the consultation of a suitable Homoeopath, this disease can be tackled effectively. The case will varry from patient to patient and so is the prescription of the medicines. A detailed interrogation of the Homeopath with the patient will yield a positive outcome and the patient will respond well within a six month interval.
    Even a psychiatric can address one'sailment with a proper follow- up in a couple of sessions and the patient must be given oppurtunity to restore his/ her own confidence.

  • If you look up the definition of mania in a dictionary, then it will tell you that it is a state of mind. It is basically present in people who have far more stronger mental frame than other general people. A maniac can either have a strong passion for something, to the point of being delusional about it, or they could be far more imaginative than other normal persons. In such cases, you might start thinking that somebody is constantly watching you, when no one is.
    So as you may think that a maniac is basically an eccentric person. This can seldom lead to people with extraordinary intellect and superior qualities. For example Einstein was said to have schizophrenia.
    Your next question is about recovery. I don't think mania could be fully recovered. Science has not yet given a total solution to this problem. There are psychological treatments to this. Few drugs are there which are said to make people calm. But that doesn't necessarily cure this disease. It only takes away people from their current problem to a state of mental peace for a few hours. It is not a permanent solution. Listening to music could be one such temporary solution. You can refer to my thread, where I have tried to seek a n answer to treat people with such neurotic disorders using music therapy.

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  • Mania is a state of mind. It is a psychological condition where a maniac undertakes a particular task in a repetitive manner and even by doing so, he/she does not get mental satisfaction. Professional consultation is an absolute must for diagnosis and treatment of mania. The treatments of mania include:-
    (i) Tranquillisers
    (ii) Lithium carbonate
    (iii) Cognitive behavioural therapy
    (iv) Anti-depressants
    (v) Psychotherapy
    (vi) Family focussed thera[py
    (vii) Psycho-eductaion
    (viii) Interpersonal and social rhythm therapy

    In many cases it has been found that mania has been very effectively controlled by sustained medication and other therapies mentioned above.

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