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    Can I get admission in cricket academy at the age of 22 years?

    Are you interested in cricket and wants to join in an academy? Then go through the responses here from our Experts about the criteria and age limit.

    Sir, I am from small village of Jharkhand and I have a great desire to become cricketer in future. But my parents want me to do some government job.I am in 12 class now and want to know that what course should i do next to get a government job soon. After completing my parents dream, i want to go for my own dream, i.e., cricket. Will my age affect in joining any cricket academy?
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    Why don't you join local Cricket Academy immediately. If you complete your dream under sports quota of state you will receive job too. Means your both dreams will fulfill. You might know about MahendraSingh Dhoni, he is from Jharkhand too but he struggled lot and did job for railways.
    Mostly cricketers gets chosen based on their first class performances. You have to be consistent. There is not short term route in it. At age of 22 you will have to train under very good coach first and then it is possible with his recommendation to join Cricket Academy. So it will become for tough and frustration might cause you to leave it. Also there is no guaranty that you will get government job after graduation.
    For now get train under local well known coach. Slowly improve your game and participate in tournaments. Surely you will get success in every step. All the best.

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    Your age does not effect to joining a cricket. you required practise more in fielding, batting and balling. some schools take competetion with district level take a part ,prove ourself give best, win the match. join ranji team in jharkhand. Few years required to practice and you will also get job after 12th for that you need some practical knowledge.

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    As far as joining the academy is concerned it is not going to be easy. But you can join even at that age. Don't reveal your plans to join state or national. But instead just keep playing and prove people wrong with the performance. There is no specific age for joining cricket. As long as you work hard, there should be no problem. However the selectors choose you on the basis of performance. Another thing to note that is there are some of the players in their mid 30s and higher and still playing. So you should not feel bad about it. And instead focus on your game and give your best to others.

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    It all depends on your zeal and interest. In India, there are two types of selections do take place Juniors and Seniors. The Junior team would be under 19 age group and there is no chance for you to get accommodated in such teams, even you fare well. Joining a Cricket academy would surely help you to participate in different levels of tournaments based on your performance. Age is no bar for joining any cricket academy but your interest and performance levels do make a difference.

    If you go through the past history of Indian cricket, we have good cricketers who joined the National team at the age of 26 also. Physical fitness and active participation in fielding would help you a lot, rest is left for you to choose for bowling or batting. But one thing is sure, a coaching in an academy would help you to excel more and serve as platform to exhibit your talent.


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    First of all you should join to any local cricket academy within your state infect with in your area where you are staying right now.

    If your interest is cricket, Please don't hesitate about it or don't ignore the same. immediately join the cricket club and hire any best coach for you. And nourish your talent in the field. when you will play consistently for your state, State will provide you job too.

    As far as join of cricket academy, There is no age bar. Whenever you want to join you can do the same. But always remember one thing and that is your performance. It is the one main thing that you must consider in your cricketing life.

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    Coming to your question you can get admission in any cricket academy .It will be more easy if you find someone who got the coaching or he/she is in same profession for some time. If you want to play cricket as professional player then you have lost some of your chances that i have mentioned below.

    • Under 14 team :

    • Under 17 team :

    • Under 19 team:

    Basically these competitions held at school level knows as INTER SCHOOL COMPETITIONS which is conducted on the name of VINU MANKAD COMPETITIONS & also by DISTRICT ASSOCIATIONS.
    In short you can make cricket as your profession from two ways.
    1. Inter school

    2. District association & clubs

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