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    What is CMOS battery failure? How can it be solved?

    Have you experienced CMOS battery failure in your computer? Don't know what to do then? Find out here.

    Today, when I started my computer, I have seen a warning on the screen "CMOS Battery failed". I would like to know, what is this CMOS Battery? Is there any major adverse effect to the computer due to this CMOS battery failure? If so, how can it be solved?
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    CMOS battery is component of motherboard. It helps keep the BIOS and the mother-boarding functioning through various customization on the board. If this battery fails, then it means you have to replace it. It doesn't cost much to buy it. After buying just open your desktop or laptop and place the CMOS battery in it. You can take help of the hardware store for replacing the component.

    CMOS battery if failed, then it doesn't remember your BIOS settings. It resets the motherboard to factory setting and the date also fails. So in such case you may find that your licenses on the Windows desktop may show some errors. This can be solved simply by replacing the CMOS battery. It can be replaced at cost of 30/- Rs.

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    Hi Friend ,
    CMOS( Complementry Metal Oxide Semicondoctor ) is small battery and shape of battery is circle which are fitted on the motherboard of your PC. some errors are occuring like running slow and suddenly shut down, mouse cursor not respond it can be solved by replacing the CMOS battery. this happens because CMOS battery does not works fine after 4 to 5 years.
    If CMOS battery failure error occurs switch on your computer and leave it on for one day. If the computer is not showing any error after rebooting, the CMOS battery is charging if it says an error than you have to replace CMOS battery. At the time of purchasing battery don't left to verify the expiry date.

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    CMOS battery takes care of the BIOS functions of your desktop or laptop. That is exactly it keeps track of date and time even when your system is shut down. A failed CMOS battery can cause your device showing incorrect date. You may also get error messages stating that your system has suffered a CMOS Read Error, CMOS Checksum Error, or CMOS Battery Failure.
    You can get the battery replaced at a very nominal cost of under Rs. 50. The battery resembles the button batteries normally found in electronic wrist watches, but will be bigger in size.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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