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    Treatment at Private Hospital

    Wants to know how to check the private hospital management charging higher rates from patients. Let us have the views and suggestions from our ISC experts here.

    More people are going to private hospital for better treatment with higher cost as there is little scope at Govt.Hospital.

    The private hospitals are charging higher bill amount and this trends are increasing day by day,harassing patient party with many scientific way. Under the above situation who will control it, Do you think the Govt. should initiate specific rules about the total system of treatment in Private hospital including billing and make a constant watch over its functioning?
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  • Every private hospitals are bound to register with the government with their package rates for every ailment and the state and central governments have sanctioned them with particular figures. Now when ever a patient is admitted for a certain and sure ailment, the private hospitals are miss using this opportunity to create a big scene out of one ailment and portray in such a way that the patient is suffering from multiple ailments and thus the bills are inflated and the patient is informed. So by giving single treatment, and raising multiple claim from the governments funds, the private hospitals are thriving on this back door earning ways. Like Insurance and Banks ombudsman, the private hospitals bills should also be checked and verified by authoritative agencies and even inquire the real patients as to what treatment they got before sanctioning the amount to the hospitals. By that way government can have control over hospitals. If mall practice is found , the hospitals must be debarred from claiming medical benefits from the government.

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  • There are many corporate hospitals. These hospitals are for business. They want to earn as much as possible. So any patient going there will be charged heavily. Government hospitals are there but for only name sake. No good treatment. So we are forced to go to those hospitals only.
    Now a days it has become a life style to go to a big corporate hospitals for small issues also and spending unnecessary money. Another thing I observed is when you go to a hospital they will ask you whether you have any insurance. If your answer is yes, they will see to it that they will get maximum money. In Andhra Pradesh there is scheme called Arogya sri. As per this the hospital has to provide free treatment to these card holders and Government will give back that money to hospitals. Under this program many hospitals looted government money of course benefiting the politicians also. All rich people by showing wrong incomes got these cards and wasted lot of Government money.

    But there are many good doctors who will give a good treatment at a very low cost. Instead of going to corporate hospitals enquire best doctors in your area and go to their hospital. They will give the teatment and advise as per our reqirement

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  • In private hospital you will get better facilities than that of civil hospital. They take care pateint better than that of civil hospital. So we will always try to go to private hospital instead of civil hospital. They charge for extra facilities provided by them.
    In my opinion any one cant control it. If you will control by fixing rate of instrument they wll increase the charges of rooms, doctor's fees, food charges or any other charges. We cant critisize as no one is forcing you to go to private hospital there are many civil hospital which provide you free health facilities.
    Also there are many charitable hospitals which provide health facilites at very nominal charges.

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