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    Whether to join PU or CBSE 11th

    Confused about which board to choose for your plus 2 education. Find out here.

    I am studying in ICSE syllabus 10th, I would like to know whether to join PU board or 11th CBSE.
    Let me know the pros and cons of both.
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    This is the confusing question emanate in every students mind at 10th level. I would request the editor to shift this post to the ask experts section for the perfect and apt answer.
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    This depends a lot on what you wish to do after you finish your plus twos. If you wish to become an engineer or medicine student then joining the CBSE curriculum is better. This board has a well designed academic curriculum which is aptly distributed in the two years of the plus two course. Their syllabus is designed keeping the joint or other entrance examinations in mind. So you don't have to prepare twice or thrice separately, that is, once for board examinations, once for various entrance examinations.
    Candidates who study under state board are often under the preconceived notion that studying in ICSE board or CBSE board is not good as they give away marks too easy. My point is that would you like to get marks in an examination when you study and prepare hard for it or you would like to get marks cut? Why is it bad if you get a sizable score from any examination. This is counted when you apply for a job. No company will ask you which board you are from. They will only prefer to see your marks. So now you decide.

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    The syllabus of the CBSE Board has been designed in such a way that it encourages the logical thinking of the students and if an aspirant goes through the text book sincerely and applies the rational approach, one is sure to be benefited. Relating to Science and Mathematics, much pain has been taken to make the chapters palatable and lucid so that there is clarity of the subjects. The texts have been written by the eminent authors having sufficient exposure in the teaching. Up-gradation of the syllabus are taken up time to time to make contents updated.
    The text books of the PU Board are full of the texts helpful to the students in memorizing the same in order to excel in PU examination. So, keeping in view of the preparation for Engineering and Medical - tests, a lot of inputs are available in the CBSE text books and as such continuity of CBSE syllabus should be preferred.

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    The CBSE( central board of secondary education ) is best compared to any other board because most recognized board in india and overall personality development and problem solving abilities. I'm a CBSE student and passed out in 2014. State board keeps syllabus at state level and CBSE keeps our syllabus in national level. If you go for CBSE than its hard to get more percentage you have to give extra effort because syllabus is hard of CBSE. As experts said percentage are important in State board you will getting more percentage. If you want to go on government sector for govt. exams than State board is good. Decide whether you want to go now.

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    Generally all the Entrance examinations in India after X+II follow CBSE syllabus. The syllabus of ISC Board also is more or less helpful. So, it would be advisable to take admission in either CBSE Board or ISC Board in XIth standard. However, personally I don't prefer to change school after Xth standard, because the next two years (X+II) are very crucial and students have to adjust a lot in the new surroundings of a new school. But in some cases change of school becomes inevitable (if the old school doesn't have X+II or your preferred subjects). In that case, try to take admission in a CBSE school or in an ISC school.
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    It all depends on which stream you want to opt in your 11th standard - Science or Humanities? In the Southern belt where the respective state Governments conduct their own Common Entrance tests for Engineering and Medicine/Agriculture for admission into graduation courses i.e Engineering medical course, people very often prefer to the State Board Examination Viz., Intermediate. States like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Telangana as the entry through the Common Entrance Test for Engineering and Medicine is little bit easier than the JEE and AIIMS entrance tests conducted by CBSE.

    Now the scenario is changed and the NEET examination for MBBS was made common to all and the examination would be based on CBSE syllabus at all India level. The admission in Engineering and Architecture in IITs/NITs/IIITs would be based on CBSE syllubus only through JEE Advanced and Mains examination. So, it is always better if you opt for CBSE for any stream whether Science or Humanities. Even if you opt for Humanities also, it would be helpful to excel in the competitive examinations conducted by UPSC and SSC. The knowledge acquired from the NCERT books would be more helpful as compared to the State Board syllabus in various competitive examinations.


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