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    Home remedies to reduce and to maintain belly fat

    Do you want to reduce your belly fat via home remedy? Then check out here to know the tips from our experts.

    In this busy world and our lifestyle which include seating job and almost nobody moment during the work which will benefit our health. In consequence of that body fat is not burning and it deposited in the form of fat. This fat specifically deposited on the belly. I want to know the home remedies to reduce this accumulated belly fat and to maintain the healthy body.

    Thank you.
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    Yeah, seating job is really increases stomach. most of the peoples are struggle with it. so for reducing the belly fat we have also bear in mind that what and how much is good to eat and drink.
    1. Eat low calorie food : foods like salad, popcorn also helps in loosing a weight, oranges, black beans,.. etc.
    2. Avoid alcohol : alcohol contains a lot of calorie.
    3. Hydration : your body needs water to break down fat cells and staying hydrated in crucial to lose belly fat.
    4. Don't skip breakfast before going to job : when you wake up your body has been fasting for a long period of time. skipping breakfast will sliw down your metabolism and you body will go into starvation mode in order to save calorie.
    5. Walk at your workplace : if you seat more as you can than belly fat increases so never stop moving.
    6. Sleep enough : 7 to 9 hours at each night. helps to have a healthy and to ensure a proper functioning of the body.

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    Belly fat is a type of visceral fat, which cause serious health issues. Now the technology has developed to measure your visceral fat through CT scan or MRI scan.

    1. Do not skip your breakfast, east fibre rich oats raw vegetables. fruits or germinated seeds for your breakfast.

    2. Avoid eating processed sugar, sweets, and aerated drinks , excess sugar is converted into fructose and increase your belly size.

    3. Eat more protein food.

    4. Reduce your carbohydrate intake in each meal.

    5. Regular exercising is an effective way to reducing belly fat, yoga asanas like dhanurasana, navasana and surya namaskara give excellent result in belly reduction.


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    There are certain measures if followed religiously on daily basis, there is every chance to make your belly flatten. You need to take up the following measures-
    1) Early in the morning hour, start drinking warm water preferably two glasses mixed with lemon juice and the same can be done in the dinner time but after an elapse of thirty minutes of your dinner. In that way, you are strengthening your metabolism. Result can be seen within two months.
    2) Include fruits in your diet such as Apples, Grapes, Guava or Papaya and such follow up is required continiously in order to reduce your belly. The fruits contain abundant antioxidants apart from abundant Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Vitamin A for the regulation of fat.
    3) You may take the help of cumin water for the reduction of Belley - fat. What is required is to boil a table - spoon of Cumin and the same is to boiled in 150 ml of water till the volume is reduced to half. By cooling the same, you may take this concoction twice daily preferably in the empty stomach.
    4) You may drink green tea for the reduction of Belley - fat on a regular basis twice in a day. This will help you in the elimination of the fat.
    5) Take sufficient Salads with your principal meals such as Tomatoes, Cucumber and onion in order to flush out excess water accumulated in the body.
    6) Take sufficient sleep for at least hours in the night and by doing so your harmone for the regulation of the fat will remain active.
    7) As far as possible, avoid excess sugar consumption and also consumption of salt should also be restricted to a bare minimum so that there is no water retention in and around the Belley.
    8) Involve in light exercise such as brisk walking, cycling, jogging for at least thirty minute in a day for the enhancement of your body - metabolism.

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    In order to remove belly fat, one has to be very active. If one is more idle and taking less movement then it becomes harder to belly fat.

    Here are some of the options for getting rid of belly fat and maintaining it.

    1. Avoid eating junk food. This includes pizza, burger, cheese and other junk food items.
    2. Walk 2 km everyday during evening or in the morning.
    3. Move as much as you can for small tasks at home.
    4. Make sure to eat food in moderate amount.
    5. Exercise. Do yoga and meditation.
    6. Drink warm water, lemon juice of around 2 tbsp and 2 tbsp honey. Do this every morning.
    7. Avoid eating food after 11 PM.
    8. Avoid eating sweet in the morning.
    9. Avoid sleeping during the afternoon.
    10. Think positive about your body even if it is overweight.

    These are some of the things that you can do to remain healthy and control your belly fat.

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    Nothing works better then fallowing healthy life style. follow below steps to reduce belly fat as well as over all body fat.

    - follow a saying, 'Early to bed, early to sunrise'.
    - eat only healthy food.
    - eat for every three hours.
    - do not over eat and avoid junk food.
    - consume at least 3 ltrs of water.
    - start a day with water and one fruit.
    - walk at least for 30 minuets a day or exercise.
    - don't day sleep and sit in one place for more than half an hour.

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    Home remedies are quite a lot of there and you can find on internet too. If you are serious then join gym and start abs burning workout sessions and yoga.
    Few more things you can do are
    1. Have grated ginger in cold water for 30 mins and filter water into bottle. Make sure to Squeeze ginger again into bottle water before throwing it. Add cucumber and lemon slices into bottle water and drink it through out day. Keep refilling water once it becomes half.
    2. Keep always hydrated. Drink 5-6 liter water daily. Intake can be increased but do not reduce.
    3. Jogging early morning and small walk after food also helps to keep digestion going.
    4. Do not sleep after food. Have a break, chit chat and then drink water and sleep.
    5. Green tea and large intake of lemon water helps detoxification. This removes large part of dead cells and harmful content in body. This might give you fatigue and laziness but it removes large part of fats in body and belly.

    All the best.

    Life Is Beautiful

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    To reduce your belly fat you must maintain your diet and also a healthy lifestyle.
    Follow the steps below:
    -Exercise daily either in morning or in afternoon
    -Perform Yoga poses to control belly fat
    -Walk at least 2-5 km per day
    -Avoid junk food, cold drinks etc. and try to intake lesser calories
    -Avoid fried foods, carbohydrates, excess fats etc.
    -try to eat salads, fruits and lots of green vegetables.

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    Since you have asked for a home remedy, I would like to post a natural remedy.

    200 ml water
    1/2 tsp cinnamon powder
    1 tsp honey

    Boil water once it starts boiling, add cinnamon powder, switch off the stove and let it sit till the water comes down to room temperature. then add honey and keep in the fridge. every day before bed drink one cup of this mixture.

    how does it work: Apart from other amazing health benefits cinnamon has, it helps controlling insulin and thus controls blood sugar levels and reduce the sugar turning into fat.

    But please remember, there is no magic remedy to reduce belly fat. Natural remedies work only taken along with healthy diet and regular workouts.

    Happy losing... Coz, losing is gaining :)

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    I will suggest you to drink warm water with honey and lemon it will certainly beneficial to you and you will see the effect within one week . It will not only reduce your fat but also make active you for the whole day. You can take this twice a day before going to bed and also at early morning.
    And try to go to morning or evening walk which is very necessary to be active and to reduce extra fat.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    One of the best option to reduce extra weight naturally by melting the excess fat accumulated in the body with no fasting, no exercise, and no side effects are:

    1. Guggulu- Balsamodendron mukul
    2. Garcinia
    3. Garlic
    4. Green tea
    5. Giloy
    6. Aloevera
    7. Chitarak
    8. Nagarmotha
    9. Anantmool
    10. Black pepper
    11. Pippali

    These are the extracts for home remedies. Drink 2-3 liter water in a day.

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    Hello friends.Do exercise for every day to reduce and maintain the belly fat. Exercise is the main part for reduce the belly fat.As a staff of senior home care Tampa i know how to reduce the belly fat.And use the natural green tea ,it will really help you to reduce your fat.

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    As the author mentioned in the daily routine work of seating job we have many chances to gain belly fat. I may suggest you some tips to reduce belly fat by some home remedies
    1) When your at work i,e sitting and reading in system you can simply breathe in and breathe out for 10 times at regular interval's of 10 minutes.
    2) At every half an hour just move your legs up and down.
    3) As far as possible don't use lift just use staircase to move up and down.
    4) Stop consuming oily foods as far as possible.
    5) Drink a glass of Luke warm water with honey daily morning in empty stomach.
    6) Regular morning exercise to reduce belly fat is very important to reduce belly fat at faster rate.
    7) At regular interval's drink luke warm water.
    8) Never drink cold water it has a reverse effect on health.

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    Once you get belly, there isnt easy method to reduce. Actually I am very thin but as you said because of our lifestyles, lack of exercises, I started developing belly . But best we can do is drink lots of water and some situp exercises.

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    You can eat black beans. They are considered natures health food. Black beans are paked with protien and fiber which means they will keep you feeling full and energetic hours. This is very important if your are trying to lose weight and cannot stand feeling hungry all of the time. It contains both soluble and insoluble fiber.

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