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    What precautions are required during the onset of spring?

    Do you want to know about the measures to be taken during onset of spring? Check here the tips given by our experts.

    The spring has been arriving. The cold weather is giving way to sunny days. We can hear the calls of brain-fever birds. However, in the morning and at night, the weather is still cold. Ceiling fan is still taking rest, but we can't tolerate the blanket now.

    Students are preparing for the Board examinations and other entrance tests, most of which are going to be hel in March and April. They are now required to take health-related precautions. I would like to know what general precautions should the students take at this crucial period, especially those students who are appearing in Board examinations.

    Experts may kindly reply.
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    Human body is susceptible to change and the onset of spring is a time when we move from a cool environment to hot one.
    During this transition period we must take care from the residual cold which may affect us in the early morning. So proper clothing is required during that time.
    The onset of spring is a time for allergic ailments for many people as pollen grains, leave and flower parts, windy dust are plenty in the air and can affect the sensitive ones.
    Another change is intensity of sun radiation in noon time starts increasing drastically so one should be cautiously wander outdoors.
    The spring onset allergies generally affect the nasal or throat areas and sometimes anti allergy medicines may be required to get rid of those allergic bouts in the early stage.
    One interesting home remedy for such allergic problems is swallowing few sips of hot water after returning from outside.
    With some of these precautions one can enjoy the onset of spring.

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