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    I have a doubt with document verification procedure

    Have different signatures in your higher secondary and other documents? Worried that this will create a problem in future? Find out from our experts.

    my signature is different in 12th marksheets and id proofs .will that create a problem during my document verification for ssc exams. kindly please help me . what to do for that if that was a problem. what are the documents required for the document verification for any central government exams.
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    The signature of 12th marksheets are irrelevant for verification process. These marksheet are only meant for DOB, Name and as a qualification proof.

    The signature that gets verified is as per your application form that you submitted for the exam/vacancy. Further a valid photo id proof is required for identification purposes only, signatures are not verified.

    The same is applicable for any exams in India.

    Even in case your verification process fails due to some or other reason, you can still take the test/exam by submitting in written, that you will be liable for any fraudulent activity, and might have to provide finger print on the same written document. In this way, you could still take the exam, and your verification could be done later.

    Basically you must look like the photo you placed on the application form, reach the venue and know your roll number to take the exam. All other aspect could be managed later. However, please do not feel encouraged to commit fraud as it will lead to serious legal actions,

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    The signature in X+II markesheet does not have much significance. Every official knows that a person does not develop his/her signature till he/she joins service and opens bank account(s). Kindly check whether your name, your parents' names and your date of birth have been indicated correctly, or not. Later, the mark(s) of identification will be required. In AADHAR card, the impressions of fingers and iris identification are used. So, signature won't have much significance in future.
    Even if there is any question (very unlikely) regarding your signature in future, you can state that you have changed your signature. In case of ladies, most of them change their signatures after marriage.
    I can cite my own example. In my first Govt. job application form, in the signature column, I simply wrote my name. Much later, I developed my own signature. I faced no difficulty. Nobody questioned me.

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    Don't afriad this is not a big issue about diffrent signature in marksheet and to all documents, no one can see signatures the marks are important and in documents name and photo are important which are required for identify. signatures are not verified.
    problem occurs when pan card signature are diffrent compared to all the documents than we have to update with same signature which was in PAN card to all the documents.

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    Please make sure to carry latest signature government id proof for document verification. This is same way you change your bank signature. All systems private or public supposed to follow latest authorized signature.
    Documents such as Driving license, Passport , Aadhar card, Pan card whichever is latest renewed or issued can be used for signature proof.
    On top if you still been asked question then you have right to ask some time for showing proofs. Get in touch with lawyer and affidavit your signature. You will need couple of witness for this.

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    Don't panic. It is not a big issue. As per indian exam system the signature that you have made on the 12 th marksheets are not verified with other documents. If there any cae of doubt carry a self declration with your thum impression with the photocopy of AADHAR CARD and in original.
    But for future you must be sure that you can make identical signatures in all your documents, PAN card, bank accounts etc. as there will be a real problem if the signatures are different. For now you can carry all the ID proofs with you or to submit their photocopies when you are submitting any application.

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