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    Heart Problem and bypass surgery

    Wants to know about the reasons for heart related problems and bypass surgery. Please read on the views of our experts shared here.

    Heart problem and By-pass surgery are increasing day by day in India. What are the main reason for heart problem that require bypass surgery? Is there any alternative way for remedy? What are the average duration of treatment and cost of such treatment in India?
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  • By pass surgery in increasing day by day. The main reason is the changing of life style. We can burn our food which we intake in whole day. We have dependent on vehicles instead of walking. This produce fats and cholesterol which are stored in our arteries and veins and create heart problem. After the age of 40 we should check our Blood pressure at a regular intervals.
    The cost for by pass surgery is about 1.5lakhs to 2.5 lakhs . Some charitable hospital provide discount also.

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  • Hi,
    First I will give you the answer about the cost of bypass surgery in India. The package can vary between Rs. 1.5 lakh to Rs.3 lakh. Actually it depends on the equipment quality and its price. The price also varies because of the hospital charges.
    The chances of heart diseases is getting high day by day due to the stress of our life and the unhealthy life style that we are leading. So much consumption of oily foods, drinking to much alcohol, smoking, not exercising everyday etc. finally leads to heart problems. Actually the cholesterol level of our blood get increased and then it clogs the blood vessels, which increases pressure on our heart, which is the main cause of high BP and any heart related diseases.

  • Bypass surgery has become the most common subjects of discussion these days. By-pass surgery is needed when there is a blockage in the blood vessels supplying heart especially when the blood vessel supplying blood to the left ventricle gets blocked. This blockage is caused by deposition of fat or cholesterol narrowing the lumen of blood vessel. This narrowing increases intravascular pressure resulting in injury of inner layer of coronary artery which will eventually lead to formation of clot thus leading to stroke or heart attack. This is initially prevented by stents or angioplasty, bypass surgery is advised when this blockage cannot be rectified with above procedures. Let us now discuss on why coronary artery gets blocked or reasons for coronary artery disease (CAD). Increased blood cholesterol, sedentary lifestyle, diabetes mellitus and smoking are considered to be some of the reasons for CAD. Sedentary lifestyle? or not exercising will lead to increased cholesterol and this cholesterol gets deposited, diabetes mellitus also affects blood vessels, in smoking due to release of free radicals and also deposition of fat (called arteriosclerosis and when large vessels are affected it is called atherosclerosis). Though according to recent studies there is no relationship between fat consumption and CAD, obesity is one of the main reasons for CAD. This can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle by increasing vegetables and fruits in your diet and reducing meat and dairy products, regular exercise (walk for at least 20 minutes twice a week), stop smoking, control diabetes with a combination of proper diet, exercise, and medication. The cost of bypass surgery ranges from 1.5 lakh to 3 lakhs, it can go a little higher in case of known diabetics. Due to better technology, now bypass has become a keyhole procedure previously it was open heart procedure. The patient undergoing surgery can get back to his work in 10 days. Remember the old saying "Prevention is better than cure" and start exercising. If you are above 40 years, it is always advisable to have a cardiac profile done as a preventive measure. I also learned recently that pomegranate juice taken every reduces the risk of stroke by preventing fat deposition, try a cup of pure pomegranate juice everyday morning.

  • Bypass surgery another name is CABG the abbreviation is Coronary artery bypass Graft. This is a procedure will done normally for CAD patient. CAD means Coronary artery disease which means the atherosclerosis of the native vessels of the heart. The accumulation of the fat materials inside of the heart arteries and which is lead to the narrowing of the flow of the blood or blockage of the blood flow in the heart. Because of the reason heart wont work properly and which makes the condition of pain in the chest called angina. And we can cure the CAD disease in some ways like using some statin drugs for dissolving of the fat in the arteies and if it is not that much successful we can got to the stent placement after the removal of the fat from the artery through the catherization procedure even if it is not workout proper we will go with the CABG that is bypass surgery. Now a days which is common disease for us because of our life style. Through this procedure the blocked artery will be remain the same but we will make it as new pathway that is bypass way to give the flow of the blood in side of the heart. The bypass vessels graft may happen in heart multiple dependence upon the blockage of the heart arteries(Single,Double,Triple or Qardruple which is number of pathways). Basically our leg veins is used for this bypass surgery.

  • By pass surgery is a treatment of giving a new path to our heart. Our usually path of blood pumping to the heart will be blocked due to cholesterol accumulation and where in heart gets less blood in pumping. By this the person feels very uneasy in breathing and doing his daily activities actively. The best solution for this is by pass surgery. The person who undergoes bypass surgery will be given a new path to the heart instead of old veins. For to get a new vein that will be taken from our body itself where in hand or legs an extra vein will be there and thus the surgeon will identify that vein and give a new path to our heart instead of the block path. By doing this surgery the patient will recover 99 % with good diet plan. To stop from occurring heart problem. We should always have less cholesterol food, do walking daily morning, exercise, yoga. We should not be addicted to any bad habits like alcohol or smoking.

  • Bypass surgery or CABG(Coronary artery bypass grafting) is done to allow the blood flow in coronary arteries. Coronary arteries are the arteries of the heart wall. Due to high cholesterol content in the blood, the inner wall of the coronary arteries gets blockage from the plaque built up and it gets increased further by some other debris in the blood flow. This results in the obstruction in the blood flow and may further result in MI(Myocardial infarction) In which the muscles of heart wall start to die. If the blockage is partial then the surgeon opts for reducing the blockage by catheterization techniques. If the blockage is more and is obstructing the blood flow and it is not possible to clear the blockage by catheterization then CABG is done. In CABG the surgeon bypasses the route of blood flow by a synthetic or natural graft. Normally saphenous vein is utilized for the graft.
    Main reason of coronary artery occlusion or commonly known disease CAD( Coronary artery disease) is high cholesterol in blood and smoking. Sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise are also contributing factors. The patient who have undergone CABG surgery has to take blood thinners such as warfarin for lifetime as the blockage may occur even in the grafts which is known as CAD of bypass graft.
    Usually the cost of CABG surgery in India starts from 3 lakhs. CABG surgery is definitely is not guarantee of non occurrence of CAD so prevention is best to keep away from this disease. One should strictly restrain from smoking and should not consume a high cholesterol diet. Apart from this, exercise also helps to avoid CAD and related heart disorders. One alternate to bypass surgery is stenting which is done with the help of catheter in case of partial blockage.

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