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    Do different religions all over the world have some commonness? How?

    Is there a common string that unites all religions or are they different altogether? Find out more on this, here.

    There are different religions in the world namely Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islamism, Jainism, Judaism, Sikhism etc. People of all these different religions worship their deities according to their own religious faith and traditions.

    Now, do some basic all these religions have in common? If yes, what is common in all of these? Or what all religions mutually communicate or share to the mankind all over the world?
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    All paths lead to one common Destination. Religion is a way of life. Live good. Help others. Don't tell lies. Don't deceive any one. These are the points all religions tell us. The method of telling is only different. Everything is same. Methodology may be different but preachings are same. Unnecessary differences are created by us only. Ultimate in all the religions is to reach God.
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    Well every religion strongly believes that there is some eternal power which is guiding us to the good and bad path and one must achieve the height of dignity through prayers and penance. There is nothing like a strong belief that God is there and he is controlling us from the daily chores of good and bad doings. He shall punish those who do wrong to others, and he shall bless those who need the most help right now. And there is a strong belief as a human being we are accustomed to give birth and even the timing is known to us, but we cannot predict the death and its time and that is the reality every religion is understood and preach.
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    Religion is very important thing, belifs in god related to relegion, our name will be given related to religion for identify you from which you belongs . our life's goes on the basis of the religion from born day to death. the major religions are hindu, muslim, jainism and christian. On the basis of money all the religions in the world are same. all have a set of morals by which to live by. All religion follow the same thing but the ways are diffrent.

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    Long before the civilization when human ancestors were dwelling in jungles and caves they were on the mercy of nature and were always afraid of the natural calamities and disasters like huge rainfalls, storms, floods, earthquakes etc and during that they must have started some sort of prayers to the nature and when these calamities were over and calm prevailed they started believing that their prayers were considered by nature. Probably this was the first spark of religion that was born in those primitive times.

    The manner and methods in which these prayers were made were resembling in general but had their fine distinctions from one tribe to another. These methods slowly might have converted to religious practices.

    Anyway with the advent of civilization the ambitious kings invaded other human locales for gathering the valuables as well as grabbing their lands and properties and expanding their kingdom. So the initial religious practices started mixing with each other and the invading religion affected and modified the local one.

    These things were going on in the world historically for quite some time and today we are at the present juncture having so many established religions.

    So the link is very clear - all religions have the same common fear of nature which was subsequently named as God deeply embedded in them and the modified practices of religions are being seen apparently on the surface.

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    All religions basically preach humane goodness, kindness and compassion to fellow human beings , especially the sick, invalid and forlorn.
    All religions encourage donation and charity.
    All religions preach the ultimate faith in God and worship.

    As long as the religions deal and talk about humans and inter human relations, they are all more or less common. The moment they talk about God and worship, the difference and even hatred starts.
    Form of belief and form of worship differ drastically.
    It is here that some religions instil a feeling of extra superiority to their own religion and either do not recognise other religions or consider them as sinners and denied of heaven. Other religion people are treated with hatred.

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    Some religions are closed loop and they don't accept the existence of another religion. And they advocate other religions to get merged into their own as they think their own path is the right path towards the god. Mostly Abrahamic religions fall into this type of category.

    However there are some of the religions who do have some of the things that are common in between the religions.

    1. Most of the religions think there is an afterlife.
    2. Only hinduism thinks life is eternal cycle until you get moksha. And human lifeform is the last avatar one gets for it's soul.
    3. Islam and Christianity thinks hell and heaven exists and based on the deeds one gets punished for it.
    4. Almost every religion give preference to charity over hoarding the money.
    5. Almost every religion asks for kindness towards other animals and our own species.

    Like this there are many other small things that add up in each religion that remain common across religions.

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    All religion is based on beliefs, written epics and stories. No existing human has seen unnatural phenomenon and captured it live. So this is common that all religions pray and worship to one because of belief in them.
    All religions it is believed whatever evil things you do you will suffered for it before you die.
    All religions believe in humanity and non violence against human and animals.
    All religions believe that unnatural events like earthquake , floods, high tides are phenomenon of gods creations to keep balance.

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    Despite having different beliefs and religions, one thing is common in all the religions that one should be kind, considerate and should render help to ailing people.
    In our Hindu mythology, it is believed that wealth earned by illicit means never pays off to any human being in the long run since the wealth amassed by adopting unfair means may invite incurable disease either to the person or his family or any mishap may take place.
    Talking about Christianity or Islam, there is also indication that the end result of any misdeed does not fruitily and one is to get punishment of one's deed prior to death.
    So, all the preachings be it Geeta, Bible or Quaran are alike and these holy books teach us to be humane - always ready to serve the ailing people and there is no place for brutality.

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    Every religion in the world is based on the theory ,what we give ,we get.If we give hatred ,we receive hatred ,if we give love ,we receive love.Every religion teaches us to believe in God Amighty,By His grace a lame can climb on a mountain.After getting His blessings we can do what is impossible for us.Every religion teaches us to forgive our enemies.Every action has a result.If our actions are good results are good.If actions are bad results are bad.
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    The Jew, Christian, and Muslim have several things common in the origin of man/creation. The first books define the same matter from Creation to Abraham and the history continues on till the time of Jesus.
    The Jews were awaiting the coming of the Messiah (Jesus) but when he came, didn't accept it, and are still waiting. The Muslims I think, also come from Abraham or Ibrahim, and they spread out across the nations from Morocco to Iraq (Arab nations). The non-Arab Muslim areas are from Iran and eastward. They believe Jesus as a prophet, not son of God.
    For Christians, Jesus fulfilled the promises of the Old Testament and brought on the New Testament or all that is written from the time of Jesus' time on earth.
    You might have heard names like Moosa or Musa which is the equivalent of Moses; Dawood for David; Salameen or Salman for Solomon and so on.

    A big common feature of over 225 cultures amongst the religions around the world is the story of the world-wide flood of Noah's time. The story goes something like that the world got destroyed by flooding and very few (8 or less) people survived and repopulated the earth. This particular flood event is an undeniable proof of commonality amongst the different religions. This story is found all over the land areas in countries and regions, with some variations but with the same base line.

    The Old Testament of the Bible talks about the origin of languages. At some point man became too arrogant and built a tower (of Babel) to reach the heaven and God simply confused them by language. The builders could not communicate with others except with those smaller bunches of people who understood their language. Different groups moved away from each other separated by language.

    I am aware that the original Creation story is embedded in the Chinese written language. The Chinese do not use alphabets like English but draw out seemingly complicated characters which say more than a word; they say a phrase or theme. Their characters for the Creation, boat, flood, tempter etc. all depict the creation aspects in their writeup. You can google search Bible creation in Chinese characters to see.

    In the Rig Veda (@1800-1400 BC), it talks about the "Purush Prajapati" which describes the Jesus of the Bible – Creator who became a man, the ultimate sacrifice, the resurrection, the lamb of sacrifice, etc. of course this is disputed by some, but the coincidence is way too close to deny.

    It is always good to search the scriptures to see if these things are true, and not be carried away by 'religious' teachings of any religion. There is a huge difference between the Holy writings and religious traditions.

    Now, to current world situation:

    The World War 1 and 2 are not just political wars; they were religious wars, where the religion took a major part but cleverly buried under nationalism. Towards the end of WW1 there was the Balfour Declaration which basically promised the creation of the Jewish state in Palestine land. WW2 saw the implementation and the land was carved out of Palestine.

    The religious Jews look to the building of their Jewish temple in the same mount where there is a mosque today. When the temple is built there, the Jews are to start certain religious procedures which fulfill the conditions for the return of their messiah. But they have a great difficulty in dislodging the mosque. Further, that mount is sacred to Christian religious people also, as Jesus ascended to his Father from there. So over the last 25 + years we have seen the main stream media utilized to push an agenda of the terrorism linked to Islam, perhaps starting with the first attack on Iraq and continued on till today where the word Muslim is connected directly with terrorist, at least in the US and west European countries. Today it is easier for the Jewish temple to be set up in Jerusalem than few years before. The Christian evangelicals in USA also fully support the Jewish agenda because they understand that Jesus will return after certain events including about the temple and the establishment of the (religious) New World Order. For the Jewish people, the Muslims are a big problem; the Christians are easy to push over, and they will after setting up their temple.

    The Hindus talk about the kaliyug and return of Krishna. The Muslims expect the return of someone whom I am not sure but I think is called the Mehdi. Christians talk of end times of greatest evil before return of Jesus.

    The monotheistic religions of the Hebrews/Jews, Muslims, and Christians all believe in creation as against evolution. The Hindus don't, but the Hare Krishna movement believes in creation and not evolution.

    I am sure there are more common aspects in various religious writings, but the above is what I have come across. I am not religious but I follow the written word of God.

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    Every religion preaches the same for the mankind. Be good, do good. Don't cheat. Be kind to all human beings. Help the needy as per your ability. Don't tell lies. Never harm others.

    The difference comes only in the prayer and worship methods only. The names are different. The ways are different but ultimate aim is same.

    The differences are created by society only. For some personal benefits all these are created. If you ignore this the earth will become an excellent place to live on with peace of mind.

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    I were born and brought up in Christain's family. My parents as a Christain teaches me to build a relationship with God. Being a Christain, we ask ourself in what ways should I change my life after reading the Bible.

    A Christains confess his sins, thank god, and ask for clearer understanding. Although our lord Jesus didn't go off to war to defeat an earthly feo, he did go to the cross to defeat the ultimate enemy sin and death. Hence, the cross reminds Christains of the pain of Jesus death and the beauty of his sacrifice for Christain' salvation.

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    Different religions have common theme Love the Humanity. Lord has given you power to do work ,so work for Humanity. If you remember Him by chanting His names ,He comes and guides you. If God has given you wealth and might than do something for underprivileged ones.Live in peace and harmony,help others.God has made you able so that you help others.He is our creator,He sent us in this world to give the message of brotherhood.When he pleases a lame can climb on a mountain, a dumb can speak, a deaf can hear and a blind can see.
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    What all religion on this planet teach and which is very common is that one should believe in god. In every religion there is a super power who control all the earth and people are supposed to respect him and accept him as his master. Whether its christinity, Buddhism, Jainism, Islam, Sanatan(Hinduism) or any other religion, every religion teaches it's follower some good lesson like humanity and good will with fellow living organism because according to all these religion everything on this earth is created by that almighty and so we need to treat them equal.

    One more thing which is very common about all the religion is about post human life. After death, the spirit of man live in heaven or hell according to their work they did when they were alive. So, the concept of heaven and hell is also common in almost every religion.

    The way of praying are different but the common message is that we are created by god and we must be grateful to him for giving us this beautiful life.

    Every religion teach to do good works which can be helpful and pleasant for people living around you and your society. Every religion teaches us not do sinful acts which could be troublesome to others. Religion teaches us to have believe in god which provide us power and courage to fight back in difficulties and bad times. Every religion teaches us to live peacefully and in harmony.

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