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    Is 'Digital Profit Course' a verified online money making program?

    Wants to know about the Digital Profit course and follow the views of our experts here about this programme.

    I came across a picture ad which said : making a six digit income by working part time from home with basic computer skills and use of internet is no wonder. Well, what is the most surprising is that it says you can start to make that type of income in just a week. The name of thisprogram is 'Digital Profit Course' and they are charging a small amount as admission fee when you join this program online. Once you join, you get online counselling and training for making profit through this platform. My question is: Is this Digital Profit Course a verified and real online profit making program from home?
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    No, Digital Profit Course is fake program don't waste your time and money on it. don't indulge youself in some false practices. you can gain good amount by doing some marketing for a firm. don't use shortcut for earning.
    *If you really want to earn money online than make your own blog, writing any valuable content, increase you traffic than approve your blog/website by google adsense.
    *Provide space for ads on your website and charge for that.
    *Do social marketing of brands and get yourself paid by them.
    *Do freelance digital marketing activities like SEO etc.
    *Give some time to this site for earning money.

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    Digital profit course is just another course out there that makes big claims and does not deliver. The information inside the course, is pretty much available from any other YouTube video or the free course. You can find that their course modules of finding niche, building blog and links and earning are pretty much common there. Instead of doing the digital profit course. I suggest take some course on Udemy for digital marketing. And that should take you to some basic and intermediate concepts. Avoid any course which are making a lot of claims. Avoid going for wealthy affiliate, digital profit course and few other courses. As those courses surely are purely scams but making use of the big people. If possible check if you can find some reputable courses on Skillshare.

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    'Digital profit course' asks for money first to pay and then you will get the assignments to work and training
    will be provided by them to you, like how to make money online is a fake one. Choosing that you will
    loose penny, so not to take that.
    Try India Study channel for knowing how to make money. Even you have many money selling photos online.
    Try writing articles for various sites for money.

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    'Digital Profit Course' is too good to be appealing. And remember the old saying "If a thing seems too godd, it is...". We must be aware of the fact that real companies may charge us a entry fee, but all those who charge it are not good or real.
    And personally I suggest you to ask the site owners to accept a sample work from you instead of entry fee, ie, you do a work free of cost as your entry fee and at the same time the company can know your efficiency too. What I intent to say is, please do not put some money in advance. This apply to everyone and to every site which offers job.
    Moreover if you are sure of getting quality contents regularly, you may opt for a free blog (say, wordpress or blogger) and connect adsense or other ad networking, or some referral programs like amazon or flipkart.

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    Fistly, no webmaster's charge for an admission fee if they are asking people to make money with them. The title itself is a catchy fish.

    Second, if they offer online training, counsellings, and tutorials they may ask for some fees to access their package.

    Third, it's too good to be true that one can start making money in just a week. It takes enough sweat and hard work to make money.

    Fourth, this course or Digital Profit is a big pile of crap that is only set-up to lure your money.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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