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    Please provide me the difference between B.Sc Aeronautics or B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering

    Confused about the difference between B Sc (Aeronautics) and B Tech Aeronautical Engineering? Then go through the responses here from our experts to differentiate between the two.

    I would be finishing my 12 this march 2017 , I want to study Aeronautics , but I have a doubt whether i should study B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering or B.Sc Aeronautics, when I searched colleges abroad most of them shows only B.Sc,but most Indian Colleges Provides B.Tech ,can any one please suggest me whether B.Sc Or B.Tech is the best in the field of Aeronautics and please help me in differentiating these two courses.
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  • There are two types of degrees one is the Arts degree and another one is the Engineering degree
    apart from these there are also integrated courses where it gives the output as a masters degree
    along with a Bachelors degree in the field of the student interest.
    B.Sc is the Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics where it will take three years to complete, where
    as Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering Technology takes four years to complete as its a professional
    engineering degree and the weightage is more when compared to the Bachelor of science degree.
    The Major subjects of the Aeronautical Engineering starts from the second year till the final year
    to do a project regarding the field you choose. Mathemathics is compulsory subject in Engineering
    that is the specialisation of every semester to study about the Mathemathics subject.
    After finishing the B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering, going for a Higher studies like M.Tech in Aeronautical
    Engineering is one of the best option to study and utilise the talents for two years along with the project or research either to go for a P.H.D in the same field, these will give a good package and continuous confidence level after the B.Tech study till P.H.D. Choice of Engineering is much better when compared to arts as this is Engineering related field of study about the propeller designs, flight status, controls inside the flight.

  • aeronautical covers industry training and specialization topics. Also the B. Tech degree covers the hands on training on some of the topics. This is not covered in the BSC degree of many universities. That's why in between the Bsc and Btech, it helps to choose Btech degree. You may find some of the colleges in India also do offer specialization for the Btech program. So in terms of recruitment that can come in handy.

    Outside India, you may find that UK has the degrees in Bsc. But rest assured that if that degree is of 4 years, then it does cover the practical aspect. Also in US the degree is listed under B.S. Engineering. So as long as the course is of 4 years and longer you can find the practical aspect and specialization for the course.

    I suggest checking out Salford UK for the higher studies.

  • Thank You Guys for your replies

  • The courses in Aeronautical engineering and Aeronautical Science are the trending subjects these day as they have much job potential with the growth of the Aviation industry today.

    It is very clear that BTech/BE (Aeronautical Engineering) is a four year Degree course in Engineering and being offered by various Universities/Engineering colleges and the premier engineering colleges in India like IITs/NITs. The students who undergo this course would be having much exposure to the industry with practical training and deep technical knowledge.

    While B Sc (Aeronautics/aeronuastical Science) is a three year degree course like any other Graduation course in Science and Humanities. We ahve very few colleges in India which offer B Sc in Aeronautics. Mumbai University, Nehru College of Aeronautics and Applied Science, Coimbatore and Wingss College of Aviation Technology, Pune are prominent among them. The other subjects offerred in the three year degree course include Mechanical & Avionics) / Aviation Safety & Hospitality. After completion of the degree, they can pick up jobs in all other departments as well as engineering department and other job levels in the Aviation Industry. They can also pursue further qualifications like M.B.A, Law, etc. as other graduates do after completion of their course.


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