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    Mail for extending joining date due to exams

    Are you confused how to send an e-mail to the employer to extend the joining date of internship? Then you spotted a right place to know how to write to him from our experts here.

    I am going for an internship in April but my final exams will take up the first two day of internship. I will join the internship on the third day itself. I can't call him too since he told me to contact him via mail only. Can you tell me how to ask my employer for extending the joining date?
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    Try to talk with recruiter on the phone first and explain why you cannot join the date proposed by them. don't he hedge at the time of talking in a phonr. As you said that you join on 3rd day than I think he is agree for extend the date. If he regrets for talking in a phone than the best idea is writing a letter to him explain everything with a valid reason for extension and few days is not a big issue than you will definitely get positive response from your recruiter or HR.

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am (write your name). I have got the letter to join internship from 1st April 2017. I am very happy to join the internship in your reputed firm. I am writing this letter to make your due attention that I have my final exam of ( mention your exam name with the period) from (date) to (date). My last paper of examination coincides with the joining date for the internship. As this is my final examination, I kindly request you to give me permission to join the internship on (date) which is after 2 days.
    I am very eager to join the internship in your firm. Please consider my request and grant me permission.

    Your Sincerely,
    (Your Name)

    Some Key Point:
    1. Make your letter as precise as you can.
    2.Show you enthusiasm to join and regret late joining.
    3.Don't forget to mention date specifically.
    4.You should follow the date too.

    Prepare your letter with some modification
    thank you
    All the best

    For reference have a look at the letter format
    Click Here

    Well done is better than well said

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    You should send an email to the employer by writing the cause behind for late joining in the internship program. Say the reason clearly in your email and make sure that it must be valid reason. You can attach the exam routine as an attachment with your mail as a proof that you are saying truth. Do not forget to keep a hard copy of this mail with you and if possible sent one letter in post to the employer with supporting documents.

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