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    Falling tooth, gums decay and soar throat. Will that lead to throat cancer ?

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    One of my friend is suffering from frequent loss of teeth very often and he almost lost most of the teeth by now. Added to that he is having gum problems and also experiences soar throat. Since Ear, Nose , Throat are interrelated and we call it is as ENT, is there any chances of getting throat cancer as the mouth ulcer seems to be spreading fast into throat. Though he taking medication he is more worried about further complication as he cannot able to freely sneeze too. Members who are having any information can respond here.
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  • Tooth decay, falling teeth or simple sore throat cannot lead to cancer as such. However these symptoms if persisting and un-responding to normal treatments may be signal some other issues.

    Here the problem, I feel, is not related to ENT, but dental problem. Sore throat may be either related with the same or t may be separate one. It can also be the result of some separate issue which create both the problems.

    Which doctor he is consulting now?

    If the patient feels that he is not getting relief at all, he should discuss with the doctor and if needed consult some other better experienced and qualified doctor. He may also visit a good hospital with better facilities.

    Problems like uncontrolled Diabetes also can lead to teeth and throat problems. All this only a qualified and experienced doctor can take decision after clinical examination and required tests.

  • Tooth decay, falling teeth or sore throat deosn't indicate cancerous growth. However, if these symptoms persist for a longer time-period and if the problem is not cured under normal treatment, it signifies some complicated problem, although not necessarily cancer. The person must visit experienced physicians (Dental and/or ENT specialist) and take medicine according to the advice of the physicians. Unscientific treatments or taking medicine as adviced by a pharmacist/medicine shop worker is a strict 'no-no'.

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  • Please specify how he had this problems If gums problem is because of smoking which are harmfull for overall health along with gum because ciggerate has more than 65 toxins. go to dental clinic some toothpaste is helps to remove pain in gums. smoking and tabbaco leads to cancer. take a medicine which are advice by the doctor of teeth after complete checkup. don't take any medicine without checkup.

  • There are lot of factors. Some people do not have strong immune system that can lead to such problems, depends upon age too. Looking at the symptoms you mentioned, it isn't cancer for sure but why not consult a good dental surgeon for the same?

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