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    How I can take my hindi story writing to the next level?

    Have a query about writing Hindi stories online? Wondering how to get money for writing? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I write Hindi stories which are well appreciated by friends and by famous Hindi authors too. There are many closed groups where I write where they do guide me and suggest the required improvements. Now most of them want me to step further and have suggested to go for a book but I feel I should stay open for online reading options.
    I want to know if there are some websites where I can post stories, short stories and get paid? Or should I go for personal blog? Few stories got published on different reading apps but they are not paying anything but there are thousands of readers. Initially I liked it but now want to step further to make some money too.
    Can you help me to find an online platform, which pays for writing story and short stories(Hindi)?
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    I think posting your content on other sites has it's set of issues. The reason being once you post stories on such sites, it becomes public and later you can't acquire copyright on them. Another thing is that if you approach publisher you can't get back the old published story. I personally tried posting horror and thriller in wattpad and some of the other sites. But realized that by doing that I am giving my content away for free. And that's a bad way to establish myself as an author.

    My suggest have it on your own blog if you don't want to go for the author route. And just doing it for fun or hobby. Instead of giving away your content to sites like wattpad or hindi story writing sites. I think it's best to get it on your own site.

    If you are serious author then you should consider createspace nd Kindle publishing. However you need to make sure that your content is properly formatted for epub file. Also you need a good book cover designer. And that way you can self publish.

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    There are various option you can explore silently and being famous.
    1. Try publishing your stories in news paper. It is most silent way to earn and not get much recognition.
    2. Contact local publisher and start writing your stories through story books. That way even though you will not get much earning but you can copyright your content.
    3. There are many domestic and international publishers which prints stories and poems in their magazines. Though sometimes they don't pay but you can market or advertise your book through them and posting few stories for them.
    4.Also you must have seen writers for film industry are earning well. Though it is tough job to get yourself into it as it is all politics and popularity game , you can attempt to sell your content or begin writing for low budget movies.
    5. Try participating in various literature festivals in India. There are many writers who are not famous but still their books are popular.
    6. There are many online publishers who on payment only allow reading like scribd and google books which gives you copyright of your stories. Publish your content over with them so that you can sell it to them.
    7. Avoid publishing online as many copy it and steal it for own reason.

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    I once wrote Hindi articles for boddunan website but then they stopped accepting other than English content. I think the best way is either going for a personal website or trying to get your content published in online magzines like webdunia or boloji. You may also try getting published in print media. For example you may go for stories in women's magazines like Sakhi, Vanita or Meri Saheli. A general magazine like Kadambini or Aha Zindagi may also give you a way out. If you acquire a degree in creative writing you may try writing for TV soaps and theatres. A good beginning may be made by writing scripts for Nukkad Nataks and similar other performances.

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    If you are a serious hindi story writer then one way is to get your stories published in some of the established hindi magazines like Kadambini, Sarit, Navneet, Nai Kahania and Sarika.
    Once your stories are published in these leading magazines then you will be popular in a bigger readership and more avenues will open for commercialization of your creative product.
    However having your own blog site is also a very good option where one can earn through revenue sharing.
    There are various story writing competitions also where one can participate and earn revenue.

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    I have read the question. I feel that the author has the capability and creativity to write good stories in Hindi. As a small-time amateur writer, I would advise the author to read as many stories as possible. My second advice would be to minutely watch the people, their activities and nature. If she observes them, they will start talking through her and these will become memorable stories. I would also advise the author not to copy any eminent writer's style. She should develop her own style. No doubt it would be time-consuming but this is the only way to success.

    So far as publishing the stories are concerned, there are various methods. The author may start her own blog-posts. She must make a target to post at least one story every week. At the same time, she can send her stories to various Hindi magazines and perioicals like Kadambini, Sarita and Nai Kahania.

    When the autor would complete around 80-100 stories, she may take the help of professional editor(s) to edit these stories. She may also give the stories to well-known critiques for their views. If they criticise, she must have to accept those criticism for future success. The author may also try to post these stories herself. After publishing, the author can also make effort and ask the blurb-writers to promote her book.

    Best of Luck!

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