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    Available career options post maternity

    Planning to take up a job after maternity leave? Looking out for the best career options? Check out this page for resolution to all your queries.

    One of the important phase of women life is becoming a mom. Working in an MNC after the child birth is not an easy job by considering child's interest. But the question is how to handle the new promotion without affecting the career? What are all the career options available post maternity for Indian women?
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  • Most of the IT working women do get back on the job. Considering some of the companies do get them back on position after 18 months. As some women stay in joint family so this is going to work out. In some cases where nuclear family this may not work out.

    Some of the working options are - content manager, digital marketer, remote project management and SEO consultant. Apart from that skills such as freelance developer, graphic designer and other remote job can be one option. But do note that if you take too much work this can be equally hectic. So make sure that you are taking the work in right proportion.

    I'd still recommend to go back to the old job. Because adjusting to new skills and job after kid is not easy. Unless you want to to do low paying jobs, then you can easily do that on the basis of random career with no strict deadlines. Such as mentioned earlier freelance jobs or the remote jobs.

  • Every professional woman's life is a fine balancing act between career and family. It is basically not possible for others to guide a lady about this balancing. Every lady does this based upon her own circumstances.

    Having said this, specific advice can be given only if detils of educational qualifications and professional background are knowm. In the present case, we do not know your qualification or nature of your present job. So only general advice can be given.

    After child-birth, you can go back to your old organisation and seek permission from the authorities to work from home. Nowadays MNCs allow lady-employees (and in some special cases, male employees) to work from your residence. Of course, it may not be possible from some special types of work.

    If you want to leave your present job after child-birth but want to have some regular income, you can go for tutoring from your residence. If you can adjust yourself to odd working hours, online tutoring is a very very lucrative option. However, tutoring is not everyboy's cup of tea.

    If you have the ability to write, you can start technical writing or blog-writing. For professionals with technical background s and writing skills, technical writing is an attractive option. You can also give it a try.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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