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    Regarding transferring of motorcycle from West Bengal to Jharkhand.

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    I need help regarding transferring of motorcycle from West Bengal to Jharkhand. I am planning to buy a second hand bike from Asansole, West Bengal and I am from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. The purchase year of bike is 2015 and seller has all the required papers & he is genuine. The seller is first owner of the bike. Is it possible or not ? And if it is possible, then can you guide me about procedure of transferring of motorcycle?
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  • Yes, It is possible. You can just get it transferred on your name from the RTO(WB), Bike is registered. Once, it gets transferred on your name. You can easily apply for the NOC mentioning the RTO you belong to, they will charge you just 50 rupee for issuing an NOC for the RTO(JH). Once they deliver you the NOC with NOC and your registration certificate, you can visit the RTO of Jharkhand for which NOC has been issued.
    They will ask you to apply for AP and here also they will charge you 50 rupee only. After verification of your NOC they will register your Bike in Jharkand RTO with same number. After some time, you can apply for Re-Assignment of Registration Number and thus you get the registration number of Jharkhad for your Bike. And yes, you will have to pay the road tax to the Jharkhand state as well.

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  • Thanku sir for ur guidance. 1 more thing i heard from seller that in west bangal the rule of has been changed n now transfer of bike from west bangal to jharkhand is not possible. Pls clearify.

  • Don't just believe what a seller says to you. He might be just a seller, I do work in Transport Department. Same Motor Vehicle Act is being followed across India. You better visit the RTO and understand the process. It takes time but it is possible to re-register your vehicle from one RTO to another.

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