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    What is good for the common man Black and Green grapes. ?

    Confused about which one to buy among black grapes and green grapes? Wondering about the prices of various kinds of grapes? Know what our experts have to say.

    This is the time when the city of Hyderabad is flooded with grapes and this season will stay for another one month. Most of the vendors are selling green grapes and the black grapes. Green grapes without seeds are costly and selling even at 100 rupees per kg, the green grapes with seeds are selling at 60 per kg. While the black grapes with seeds are selling at 40 per kg. But for the common man what holds good for him. Is it green grapes or the black grapes. What are the striking benefits among the two ?
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    Both the grapes Black and Green have different antioxidants and offer many health benifits and as such we cannot compare which one is better in terms of their usefulness.
    While talking about the black grapes, these grapes contain resveratrol - an antioxidant which can strengthen the cells of the body providing anti aging and also helps in arresting the tumours. Because of presence of excess amount of resveratrol, these grapes are ideal for making wines with a high fermentation - property.
    Green grapes have different flavenoids called Catechein which is responsible for imparting healthy skin - colour, purifies the blood by purging out toxins and its regular consumption during its availability period stabilises the Blood - sugar.
    Hence the benifits associated with this fruits are not to be measured in terms of money but we should ponder over the health benifits of each variety of the grape. We should consume all the varieties of grapes in order to get different antioxidants available with the grape- fruits.

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    As far as I know both green grapes and black grapes have the same health benefits. Both types of grapes help to prevent aging, improve skin and both contain adequate fibres helping digestion. Grapes (both black and green) also contain vitamins to help develop immunity and strength and stabilize blood sugar level. All these qualities of grapes are due to presence of resveratrol.
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    Both Green grapes and Black grapes have their own set of benefits. You may not be able to pin point stating one variety is better than the other.
    Black grapes tend to slow aging. The chemical contained in the black grapes is known as resveratrol. It also supports controlling blood sugar and takes care of your concentration levels. The black grapes are also said to improve your brain functions and thus can be better food supplements for students. The grapes also let you contain heart attacks.
    Green grapes, on the other hand, are rich in vitamins and minerals. They can help you stay safer from chronic diseases like cancer. They also help you prevent infection of teeth and bones.

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    Green grapes are good source of vitamin C and K. You may find that most of the vitamin C deficiency patients make use of the syrup or the tablet with grapes in it. And the best part is that it is anti oxidant too. So this definitely helps in ageing. You may also want to consider the mineral property of the green grapes. Green grapes with yogurt is often considered for some of the diets. However too much consumption of the green grapes is equally harmful for the body.

    In case of black grapes they are known for controlling the blood sugar. They can be helpful for the brain function some of the time. They also help the cardiac patients. Consumption of black grape can be good for those who have depression and other issues, and want something that helps their blood flow. It is a good anti oxidant which is good for our body. Most of the weight loss diet include black grapes over green grapes. The grapes take care of the inflammation and indigestion too. And at last the benefit for improving vision is also exist for the same.

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    As I know both types of grapes are good for health. Green and Black both vitamins are full with lots of nutrients which are important for a healthy body and mind.
    Green grapes are full with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Antioxidants reduces the harmful free radical damages in our body which is responsible for premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles etc. in our skin. You can try it in lots of beauty recipes also to make your skin beautiful. As it is rich in dietary fiber it is actually good for the people who are suffering from constipation. As per modern medical research it is also beneficial for Cancer.
    On the other hand Black grapes are largely found than the green ones. They are widely used in wine industry. The chemical components of this fruit helps you in lowering your blood sugar level. It is also rich in minerals and vitamins. It is also helpful in cardiac related problems and improves concentration.
    So, please do not compare them. Both are good for your health although they have separate types of health benefits. You can do like me. I usually make fruit salads with both types of grapes and other fruits. Just add some seasoning like honey, lemon juice, salt, black pepper etc. and enjoy.

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    Generally, Black grapes are more healthy than green grapes. On the basis of benifits, green grapes help to prevent aging, improve skin, having vitamins which helps to help with immunity system and strength. Grape fruits contain vast amounts of fibre for our digestion.
    Green grapes prevent an infection of our bones, teeth, gums and blood vessels whereas black grapes helps to prevent heart attack and helps to reduce your health deficiencies. It provides high nutrition,control your blood sugar and improve concentration.

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    Both types of grapes are good for health. Both of them will have lot of fibrous materials which will improve our digestion system. But general opinion is black grapes are better for health than white.

    But one point I want to make here. The farming of grapes around Hyderabad is high. They use many types of insecticides and pesticides for better yield. Many of these materials get coated on the skin of the fruit. So, it is advisable to soak these fruits for about an hour or so in salt water and then wash with drinking water. We should not eat them with out washing.
    Many people will have an habit of tasting one or two fruits before purchasing as such. This is a bad habit and we should restrain from doing it as it is not all good for health.

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