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    Which age is better for join cricket club in India.

    Aspiring to join the cricket club? Wondering whether it is not too late after 25? Read responses from experts here and plan your life ahead.

    My age is 26+. In my childhood I played cricket well. My physical strength is good and I work hard regularly.
    I practice with tennis ball every day. Can I join the cricket club now for a better future?
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    I am afraid that it may not be possible for you to play at highest level of cricket at this stage. This is not because you are going to start late, but this is because you still have not played with proper cricket ball.

    However, you may attend selection trial of any smaller club (of your state capital) at the beginning of next cricket session and try your luck with proper cricket ball.

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    There are players like Matthew bailey, pravin tambe who are still into crickeet even after 30s. The reason being some people can manage their performance despite health issues. So if you can do the same then age is no bar. However I would suggest you to go for short span cricket option like T20s, 6 over tournaments. This way you won't have to struggle that people do for getting selected for 1 day and test. T20 selection is more than enough for short term stint and you can get into serious cricket this way. There is always demand for the player who is good at the fast format of the cricket.

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    As you said you have played Cricket in your childhood and now practicing with Tennis ball, I think you are quite aware of the rules of the game. Age is no bar for joining any Cricket club and all that matters is how you practice there and become stronger in the game. Joining a Cricket club would help you to know the intricacies of the game and give you the best practice. It helps you in playing the local tournaments organised by various agencies and your best caliber may give you a chance in League matches, Ranji trophy and other domestic cricket matches. Take the example of Arshad Ayub, the former test cricketer who joined the national team in 1987 at the age of 29 after soem good performance in Ranji trophy representing Hyderabad team. Ayub made his debut against West Indies in 1987-88 and .played in 13 Tests and 32 ODIs from 1987 to 1990. He is heading the Ayub Cricket Academy at Hyderabad and an inspiration for any late entrant in Cricket.

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    You are on the right track. Along with Cricket you also have the spirit sportmansip. Since you are already quite conversant with playing cricket, you can go for addition coaching classes to improve and gain knowledge of rules and strategy from avid players.

    Once you are aware and ready to take up the responsibilty, you would like to join a cricket club or form your own team, so that you could participate in tournaments organised in your District, State and finally Country level or Indian Preimer League.

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