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    Will delayed periods cause a problem with pregnancy?

    Worried that a delay in your monthly period would affect your pregnancy? Get a better clarifications from the responses provided - but do consult a gynaecologist too.

    I am a 26 year old married girl and till last month my period was happening regularly. But this time already one month over and still nothing has happened. We are thinking of having a baby now but I am worried about my period delay.

    Is there any problem to get pregnancy in future due to this period delay? From last 7 months I am doing night shift is there any problem with this?
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    This really a very personal question posed by the author and I take the privilege to answer based on the personal experience with my wife. Normally when a period gets postponed from the regular happening, there seems to be something cooking. Wait for at least 35 days for the next period to happen. If that is not happening, then go for the Elisa test which is the easy way to judge the pregnancy. If that is confirmed positive, then you are pregnant woman in making. But normally due to hormonal deficiency, sometimes the periods get postponed beyond time limit too. Please also check up your hemoglobin in blood and take Dexorange tonic regularly.
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    The lady Members of ISC can answer such questions more appropriately. Having said this, I would advise the author to go for pregnancy test with the kit available at every meicine shop. After doing the test herself, she may visit a gynaecologist and act according to his/her advice. But generally speaking, she should not lift heavy items and should take care of haemoglobin content.
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    In pregnancy,period one should take care on things such as body care ,taking healthy food etc.It is n't bad working in night shift,but you should take your sleep for 8 hrs daily.It is necessary for development of embryo. Taking healthy food items on a fix time is also necessary.Some times doctors advise to take sleep in night.It is so that in pregnancy period some development starts.It is advised to think good.There should be positive attitude ,that gives strength to child's mind.In Child Psychology it is taught .The pregnant lady should be happy in this period.So,first consult a lady doctor for pregnancy test ,if it is than do according to her advise.
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    The best thing you can do in this situation would be to check for the pregnancy yourself would be to opt for pregnancy kits available at any chemist shop. These do not need any prescription. You can check if you are pregnant by following the simple procedure listed on the packaging. Moreover, the checkup would be completely private and none will get to know about it unless you share the information with them.
    If your pregnancy is confirmed you may visit a gyenacologist for the future course of action depending upon your personal preferences.

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    Actually at the time of pregnency period is not happening regularly because periods are there shed the mucosal lining of the uterus while during a pregnency the very same mucosa is where the placenta is feeding the foetus implants itself and therefore shedding it would cut off blood flow.

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    I think, I understand your problems. First of all, let me tell you that you are a very young and tender age. At this point of time most girls try to balance career along with their marriage first and then later on think of pregnancy. First ask yourself that do you really want to become mother? If yes, then why are you worried about your delay in periods? You should be very happy about it and anxious to see what does your urine test report say. From what you have written it seems, you want your periods to start again. So I would suggest that you and your husband give this pregnancy thing one more thought. Maybe you are not yet prepared for this big change in life.
    Regarding the delay thing, few things that cause the delay are
    1. Increasing obesity in the body.
    2. Change in hormones in the body and very high or low secretions of those hormones
    3. Too much stress at home or at work.

    From what you have written it is difficult to judge if points 1 and 2 apply to you. But definitely point number 3 could be playing a part here as you work in night shifts. Sometimes too much stress delays periods by even 3 months. Here it is only a month. Also let me tell you that even girls who don't have either of the problems I mentioned complain of irregular menstruation. So there is absolutely nothing to be worried about. Firstly, wait for a week or so and take a pregnancy urine test. This report gives you the best results if you wait at least a fortnight after your menstruation has stopped. If there is a good news, that is, if you are pregnant, then you know the reason why. If the result is not positive, then wait for another month. You may see that the next month your cycle has started again. If not, the please consult a lady doctor.
    Regarding the last part, as I already said many women complain about irregular periods. So it is nothing to be highly worried about. Sometimes it becomes regular and sometimes irregular. It depends on your body condition, mental condition and hormonal imbalance. If they are fine, then you would not have any long term effect of having irregular periods.

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    Usually before periods week your body starts paining and gives slight indication on something is wrong. Sometimes stomach pain , headaches and omitting. If this has not happened with you yet then you should do pregnancy test and worst case visit gynecologist with your husband for more check ups.
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