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    What is search engine optimisation?

    Want to learn about search engine optimization or SEO? Read the answers given here for some quick tips on SEO.

    I do not have much knowledge on SEO. Due to lack of knowledge on SEO, I have lost the permission to write articles in article section. I know that only search engine friendly articles can be got adsense revenue. For that, I tried so many times using keywords having more traffic in my articles. I have already joined in another adsense revenue share website infobarrel where I wrote an article. But, it denied my article due to not understand to the readers and downpage problem. So, I need to learn some more about SEO. Only practical knowledge of SEO will help to develop revenue using adsense revenue sharing.
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    You need to know that "writing a good article" and knowing SEO is two different things. ISC have lot of content on it and it has much better rank as compared to Infobarrels. These days you need to do lot of quality work as compared to before.

    For writing good content, i think you need to follow some good writer on ISC or you can follow some good news paper. How they write in depth article on the basis knowledge and long long content. If i say long content means more keywords and hence more traffic. If you write long article, you will get more and more traffic with respect to time on same articles. Because with time search engine may rank your article higher and higher.

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    I think search engine optimized content and the content to which people respond are two different things. For example, some of the articles linkbait titles don't work good on google. But in case of facebook and other social media, you'd find that people are clicking on them. Most of those sites have very poor SEO in terms of content quality. And for this reason the content creation is now a dedicated job. What works for SEO does not mean it will work for SEM.

    My suggestion is to check some of the SEO trends on You can also read their content on the basic SEO. They have lsited and added the content on the On page SEO and Off page SEO. Most of that content remained the same. No changes on the point of the fundamentals.

    Depending on the topic, your content words should reflect. Some of the time your 300 words can be indexed way better than 1000 words. And some of the time your content of 1000 words reflect better with the users. So do understand that point while making the content.

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    This is one of the most common question (What is search engine optimization?) online for the past few years and there are few good posts (not all) available about it online, you may search them to get an idea.

    In a simple manner, I would like to tell what SEO is? As name says, the article must be SEO friendly, I mean, the content you publish online must be well versed that reputed search engine shall easily identify the quality content to crawl, store and index.

    SEO shall not be over used (violation, like Black Hat SEO and on... where many experts did in the past and out of the race from the search engine perspective) nor very lessen (like White Hat SEO though it is not a violation where many quality writers not recognized yet).

    So, there are few points to remember upon drafting each post to enhance with SEO and its alogrithm. You may get some of the SEO valuable points across online or even in this site's article section. Go through to learn little bit.

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    Search engine optimization is more important these days. The title and content should have quality to attract visitor and ensuring that your post display in the front page of top ten result in search engines.

    SEO is same as writing lines of code and commanding through keywords by adding Adword or codes to index and crawl the webpages and contents of your site.

    Make sure your title has killer heading and add STRONG to keywords for important words or sentences.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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