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    Technical resignation to join lower gradepay

    Are you planning for a change in any governmental job? Are you facing troubles in getting the NOC certificate/resignation permission from your previous job? See what our experts have to say.

    I am working in Indian post with grade pay 2000 since 23rd April 2015. But before my joining i had appeared RRB BBSR for Ass. Loco. Pilot exam for grade pay 1900. Finally I am selected for the post. The Postal dept. has also given me the unconditional NOC at the time of document verification. now the department refused me for technical resignation. what should I do now to join RRB ? Whether i should take direct resignation and join RRB if I do that what are the procedure for it and what are the troubles I have to face and also for my NPS system because my PRAN No has not come yet.
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    As per the regulations of India Post department an employee has to apply outside through proper channel and has to resign from the existing post if selected outside.

    If his resignation is accepted by the competent authority as technical resignation than he will be entitled for various benefits like -counting of past service towards pension, carry forward of Leave benefits, carry forward of LTC, Pay Protection, GPF transfer, transfer of existing NPS account etc.

    In case if competent authority does not accept the resignation as technical these benefits will not accrue.

    In your case you have applied for 'RRB BBSR for Ass. Loco. Pilot' before joining India Post so the procedure is slightly different and you should have informed India Post at different stages accordingly. Anyway you can try to meet the competent authority and request a favourable decision from them as the general practice is that an employee should get the benefits if admissible under the rules and regulations.

    Meanwhile I will advise you to go through some details in internet at -
    which may help you further in the matter.

    Best of luck.

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    Definitely one would face a problem while resigning his job and shifting to another Government job, if our actions and things are not clear. No Government Department would give you any unconditional NOC at the time of joining to leave the present job and I think you are totally confused and misquoting the facts. It is very clear from your query that you have not applied for the RRB examination either through proper channel (i.e., forwarding the application through your present employer) or not given any prior intimation with regard to appearing for the examination to him. As such, yours can't be treated as Technical resignation and the service rendered here won't carry over for your future benefits in the new assignment. The NPS is well protected system and would take care to release the dues you are entitled even the PPRAN no. is not yet generated. It is not an issue.

    So, you rethink of your decision as the new post carries lesser Grade Pay. Of course, you could have assessed the difference between the two posts and the future perspective. Please go through your details once again and check your records as to whether you have given any prior intimation to your Department regarding your intent to appear for the RRB examination. Then only your claim for Technical Resignation counts and all other things matter.


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    When NOC was earlier given by the Department of Post, it can't now refuse to accept technical resignation. However, if there is acute shortage of staff in your present office (Deptt. of Post) , then only the authority can refuse technical resignation because of shortage of staff and taking a plea that you are going to join a post with lower scale (Grade Pay is now not applicable after VIIth CPC). Has the competent authority refused to accept your technical resignation in writing?

    If your present authority has refused in writng, then you can tender direct resignation if you have decided to join the post with lower scale. In that case, you have to refund the training cost, if any.

    If no written communication is received by you, you can give a representation to the next higher authority in Deptt. of Post.

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