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    Final year exams finished after month what to do next?

    Confused about what to do next after graduation? Stop worrying and find out all possible ideas here.

    My final year exams are finished after 1 month in BCA for graduation .what to do next? I don't have any practical knowledge so can I do any course for practical knowledge so what course is best that have more scope in future also. which a coaching institute is good who provide good coaching.
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    What to do after BCA ? This is the question which can better be addressed by your own self. Normally the higher education of a student is based on the student interest, parents viability to offer you studies further, and over and above the inclination of the student to go for a job than further education. So out of these three what suits you can be followed and pursued. One thing is sure, when after some basic qualification and standing in the society, and if the family needs your help through some job, then go for the same and be the guiding star to your family. Higher studies can always be done at later stage with your own money.
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    You can do lot of things. As mentioned in your post that you are bca Bachelor of Computer Applications.
    1) You do projects related to computer application.
    2) You can plan for further studies like MCA, MBA, PHD,
    3) You can also give exams like GRE, TOEFL, IELTS etc and prepare for foreign colleges.
    4) You can do job for some company after preparing your resume etc

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    There are many options for you. Before that you have to see your financial condition. If your family can take care of that you can go for higher education that is post graduation in a related area.
    While choosing a post graduation course you have to consider your own aptitude also other wise good scoring will be a problem.
    If you think your practical knowledge is not up to the mark then additionally joining a part time course in computer like some modern financial package or SAP related module or database program will also be beneficial.
    On the other hand if you have financial constraints for joining post graduation courses, you should immediately search a job in computer industry for which you have to go through various advertisements and job portals. You can visit the job section in ISC also.
    In this phase of life one should not hesitate in accepting even a small job also as it will give you financial strength and also the crucial practical experience which will be instrumental when you leave the present job and join a better one.
    Please remember you can learn as much as possible only during this phase of the career building as afterwards inclination to studies dampens. So attending part time courses is a very good and useful idea at this stage.
    There is no substitute for hard work and only after that one can attain an ascending direction in career.

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    One will have two options to select the path after completing graduation course.
    1. Go for further studies.
    2.Go for a Job.
    However one can continue his studies even after joining in a job through distance education or night college.

    Basing on your interest and your family financial position you can opt for any one of the two.

    If you choose two continue further studies the first choice should be MCA. If you are not getting a seat in good college, then only you should think about other courses. It is always advisable to study in university campus college rather than other colleges.

    If you choose the second option prepare well for written tests and interviews. Take up a job in your line of study. After settling down in the job improve other skills related your job for career progress and try to improve your qualification through distance mode of education offered by any good university.

    All the best to you

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    We must always keep learning as we are to live forever.

    There are many courses out there if an individual is intrigued to learn. One must always have a passion to learn alive.

    The second question about SCOPE in proffessions is either science or technology. They have higher scope in future. If one love tech and mad about gadgets, gizmos and apps, then go for studies in MCA. Alternatively, one can also learn software languages like C, C#, C++, Java and Python if one has pursued B.cs 12 math and no more willing/ interested to pursue degree or master's course.

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    Take a break momentarily and you should have a serious considerations regarding your future - goal. By going through the following points, you can have the clarities how you should take pragmatic approach for the advancement of your career.
    1) Think of completing of probationary officers' examination of the nationalised banks. You may look out for the renowned coaching institutes and finally choose one so as to be proficient in the latest pattern of the examination.
    2) Start developing your English- communication skill so that you will have better representation skill during your upcoming interview.
    3) You can think of State - level service examination such as BDO and other allied services and you should prepare accordingly.
    4) You may think of acquisition of MCA from a leading Institute. You must make an attempt to qualify the written test followed by oral interview so as to have a better future in the IT field.
    5) If you want to have a career in an IT field after your BCA, be proficient in one of the modules such as Java, Oracle, SAP, C++ etc so as to have a better perception in any one of the modules. In that way, you can have an impressive interview and get selected finally in a Soft - ware company.

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