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    Meaning of campus hiring via a company website

    Confused about whether campus hiring mentioned at a website indicates college placement or direct recruitment? Understand what it means with expert guidance.

    I am searching for jobs via off-campus avenues. I saw a company website listing vacancies. They have mentioned a few posts for freshers but in bracket they have mentioned it as "Campus hiring". What does this mean? Is it that the hiring is via the college placement process or is it that I can apply directly to the company for the post?
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    From the comments appearing in this post, it seems the companies are hiring freshers from the campus only and not entertaining any direct recruitment. Please note that every college is having the liaison officer who shall visit every company and solicit their presence with company job offers for freshers as trainers and then to the regular jobs. Therefore now a days getting a direct job for the candidate in companies would be the remote chance. Approach your college from where you have qualified and get to know the recruitment drive dates along with other details of company and be present there.
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    Campus hiring means the company HR and the campus representative hire the candidates by visiting the university and colleges. They hire the rankers and toppers from the college. Some of the time they formally conduct the test. But it hardly helps. Most likely they are going to hire on the basis of the rankers in the university to save the time for the same.

    In case of non campus or "off campus" hiring. The test and the process is conducted in company premise. And the test are usually open to all. Not much of strict criteria for many company. So that is pretty much the difference when it comes to hiring via company website for both on campus and off campus.

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    Campus hiring is the policy of the company to recruit bright candidates from the reputed institutions in order to retain the best talents in their companies. This process is finalised by having the participations of the representative of the companies with the Institutes where the best performers are offered jobs and in such process, placement - officers or any authorised officer of the Institutions also participates in the process of selection of prospective candidates.
    Off - campus interviews are somewhat different than the former one in the sense that that there would be larger gathering of the candidates in the job - mela where candidates are selected with proper screening such as conducting written tests of the candidates followed by number of oral interviews to assess the potentialities of the aspirants. Lastly, there would be a medical - test to select the physically fit aspirants. Needless to say, in such process the best James are selected in order to maintain the image of the company.
    Yes, hiring is via through the college placement process and you need not apply directly to the company for being recruited.

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    Campus hiring means position created for fresher and hiring would be through Off or On campus.
    1. On Campus - Company HR and hiring staff comes to college and selection. Only that college students can participate.
    2. Off Campus - Company HR and hiring staff organizes a place common for all college students to come. All eligible students of all college can participate.

    Give a try by applying to that position. Either they will call you for interview or they will send you details of their next off campus scheduled date and time. Be present on time on next off campus for aptitude test and interview.
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