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    Offer letters by companies for students

    Have a query regarding campus placement drive? worried what would happen if you are put on hold after interview? Check out this page for resolution to all your queries.

    A company came for campus hiring and I participated in the interview process. Because of some unknown facts the HR put me in pending list. Still they have not announced the results. My friends who got selected have got the offer letters .

    I got the information that still they want some students. Will they take us or will the company go to another college for hiring after giving offer letters to visited colleges?
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    Usually the people in the waiting list are preferred for more positions. But if the HR and the recruiter team set you in that list. You an assume that they may consider. But don't take anything for granted until you get offer letter. Even after offer letter you can't rely on them, they can even deny the candidate. So it all comes down to getting real till you get one months salary. So if any company has put you in "wait list". Then in such condition prepare for another company and ignore the earlier. Unless they contact you and hire you with company letter. Then don't take it for real. Also avoid thinking about if they will take you or go for another student in another college. Because that sort of thinking of hope is counterproductive to job hustle. And it's always on the face when it comes to opportunities. Unless the company gives you offer letter on same day. Ignore what happened and move on for preparing for another company. Harsh truth but that's how the job hustle and industry works.

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    Since you have not got any offer letter so far from the said company and your name is in the pending list. So it would not be proper for you to wait for the response from the company but instead, you may update your skill of your learning apart from enhancing your communication - skill so that you can impress the Board of interview in the subsequent interviews.
    You must maintain a positive out - look and always look out for the possibilities for the strengthening your skill. In the meanwhile, you may approach the HR of the company to know their policies of recruitment of the pending candidates. Some companies keep such panels of candidates for year. An interaction with the HR of the company would ease your agony relating to your pending status. You need not loose your confidence and concentrate on your future planning to grab a job in some prospective company.

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    If they have told you that your decision is on hold that mean they wanted to take you but that time they don't have intake. So following things might happen
    1. You have to wait for joining date of those who got offers from same company in your college. Usually if few don't join then they filled those positions with pending ones.
    2. They might give you offer letter in some days with late joining date. So have patience and wait.

    Based on this now it is better you start looking other opportunities in campus. Most of the colleges allow sitting multiple companies placements until you get selected. I know few friends who joined one company since other company gave then late joining in offer letter but they left first soon 2nd company joining date came.
    Another option is to try off campus placements and directly approaching to companies. All the best.

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    Campus recruitment is one of the best mode of getting employment. Only problem is getting an offer letter in time. Many times what happens is that due to administrative and technical reasons a company keeps on hold the names of some candidates and their future with them remains uncertain.

    In such cases you need not to panic and just forget the episode time being. What is to be focussed now is to search if some other company is also coming for campus recruitments in your institutions. If so you must whole heartedly prepare for that.

    Meanwhile you have to keep your eyes open and should make yourself aware for various openings in the industry as per advertisements in newspapers as well as online. Depending upon your aptitude and preferences you can start applying there one by one.

    By this time you may again get information from the original company regarding the pending status of your campus recruitment and you can take a call on that depending on the present situation.

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    Send thank you mail to recruiter and ask them to imitate you in case you want to hear again from you. I think they will call you once they start recruiting again. If job fair situated in colleges as a campus recruitment than keep applying and try to be on time.

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    You have not provided the details of your selection and the company. Generally those who are selected via campus placements would not be withdrawn. There may be some delay due to administrative reasons. Some of your friends have got the appointment letters as you said which indicates that the company is taking the fresh recruits on a phased manner. Nothing to worry. Some companies start the selection process very quickly while the final entry into their premises may take between 12-18 months. This information I am quoting based on the facts that happened in some of the cases of our closed circle.

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