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    Need clarification for going abroad

    Looking for jobs abroad after a graduation in civil engineering? Want to do something abroad and earn sufficient money? Go through the answers here for help.

    I am an final year student in civil i decided to go abroad but am an is that possible to go abroad.i need money more because lot of duties are there for me can anyone suggest me something which suits me.countries like(Qatar,kwait,malaysia,singapore).am too blanked i don't know after studies
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    What to do nxt?

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    There are certain basic things which are to be sorted out before one thinks of going abroad for higher education or job.
    First and foremost is financial support whether you are arranging money from private sources like relatives and friends or you are planning to get a loan from bank. In most of the cases people apply for bank loans.
    Next thing is applying for a passport. This is very important as only after this only you will be able to apply for Visa for a particular country.
    Now I will suggest you to go to some leading sites like,, etc and see there the various job postings and details of jobs in various countries. Once you go through this process you will acquire a lot of basic information based on which you can take a conscious decision.

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    From what you have written, let me tell you one bitter truth. You have very poor English communication and writing skills. This means that you will not be eligible for the jobs abroad due to the absence of this basic knowledge they look for in a foreigner candidate. When you apply for a job abroad, then they will first screen your application and check whether your qualification and other details given in the resume meet the criteria preset by the company.
    If you pass in that screening, then you will be selected for an initial telephonic interview. They might also conduct a video conference interview, and might want to see how good are you in English communication skills. You won't be able to clear the screening level. So, first and foremost to clear the first round of screening, please enroll in a one year diploma course on communication skills. You are a final year student. This course will help you a lot in securing good job.
    Regarding civil engineering jobs abroad , Dubai and Singapore are the best places. Next best country is Qatar. All these countries offer high paying jobs. Only thing is that in all these 3 countries residential costs are pretty high. You will have to stay in a rented flat in such locations. Rent are pretty high in these countries and almost half your salary will go in it.
    The job positions available at such locations will be engineer trainees, quantity surveyors, maintenance engineers, mechanical draughtsman, etc. So work hard and you will definitely succeed there.

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    Just because you are going to complete your Engineering studies you cannot aim at going abroad especially the countries like Qatar, Kuwait, Malaysia and Singapore because without the proper plan of action going there would be spending the money for waste. Now a days Indian Engineering students are getting good offers in the Indian companies itself and you can get the offers from the campus interview itself. After joining Indian companies. there are every chance of you going abroad and serve because some Indian companies are blessed with foreign contracts for which the companies are looking for reliable people at that positions.
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    If you have financial concerns then the best way to go abroad is when you get the job. Find the job that can help you with the immigration. And the amount of time it requires would be higher in such case. So you may have to check out which of the companies can be good for migration to go abroad.

    Most of the engineers and students usually choose to do post graduation abroad. And then they get the job through the campus abroad. That works for most of the people. And in this process however only money that is required is the money that you need for studying and staying abroad during the education.

    Most of the jobs available out there are in medical, IT, and other admin level jobs. Though these are on the demand basis. There is a lot of opportunity available outside. So that's worth looking out for your options there.

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    Follow these steps. Do not panic . There are many students like you who are in same boat.
    1. You at least will need 20+ Lacs for doing MS in foreign ( considering if it is USA too) provided if you don't get scholarship
    2. Best for you at this moment is to pursue for jobs in India since you need money and experience. Save good and meantime clear exams required for Post graduation in abroad.
    3. Spend quality time searching good university offering campus placements and hiring directly. Nowadays very rare companies offer jobs to training students.
    4. If you really wanted to for this year only. They clear exam. Seek for loan based on your university and score.
    Also once you start your college keep your score high in all semester and ask for scholarships for next semesters. Usually 3.5 GPS score gets scholarships.
    5. Also if you are interested give State and central public service examinations. If you are good and lucky you might job in government.

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