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    B.Com with Computer Application

    Planning to study BCA? Confused if it is equivalent to DOEACC from CDAC? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Is B.Com with Computer Application equivalent to O level course from DOEACC?
    Can you provide any relevant court judgement?
    Is the above graduate eligible for UDC or LDC post in the state of Haryana?
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  • DOEACC is completely different program than traditional BCA and MCA program. So here in depth computer science training is given. The level of BCA shoould be at part with DOEACC courses. However I have seen some of the BCA and MCA students doing DOEACC higher level courses. This is because some of the advanced courses are often not taught at the university level.

    I can't provide any court level judgement. But I can suggest you to contact DOEACC center and ask them if the level of their entry level courses is at part with the university degree specified by you. I assume UDC often employs junior engineer position, so it's definitely worth going for the DOEACC as it;s recognized.

  • Your query is quite confusing. Let me make it clear that the course syllabus offered in BCA is more or less similar to those offered by DOEACC. Perhaps you may be aware that DOEACC is a Department under Minsitry of Information Technology, Govt. of India and conducts courses to promote professionalism in Computers and the courses offered are O, A,B,C levels.

    BCA is a graduate level course in computer application and it is equivalent to A level course offered by DOEACC. After completion of B Com and BCA, you can opt for B level course which would be helpful for your career. I don't think any cases are their challenging the equivalency of the courses and you can understand the similarities and merits in these courses by visiting the official site. In fact, B Com and BCA is a good combo for career growth and you can have good job avenues in the field of Accountancy and auditing because of the knowledge in Computers.

    Further, any graduate is eligible for the UDC post in a Government sector while 12th standard is the eligibility criterion for LDC/Clerk post. But these posts are filled by the respective State Public Service Commissions through a notified competitive examination based on the availability of vacancies every year.


  • There lies some ambiguity in your basic question such as your continuation of BCA after B.Com. The ideal course in that situation should have been MCA after your graduation level. In that way, you could add a post graduate qualification the Computer - application followed by a graduation in the commerce back - ground. Such a combo qualification would enhance your demand in the job market.
    Now coming to DOEACC level, this formulation was established with the approval of the union ministry to encourage the Computer - courses among the aspirants interested to have higher proficiency in the computers and this can be persued in the spare time while doing their jobs somewhere else. The courses runs such as O - level, A - level, B- level and C - level. C - level signifies M.Tech qualification and the lowest level O - level corresponds to Diploma in Computers. This society conducts examination twice in a year and such qualifications are valuable in the sense that perusal of such qualification does not cause dislocation in studies.
    With respect to your last query, your aquistion of BCA qualification falls under the category of A. Regarding your job prospects in LDC/ UDC, you have to appear in the examination conducted by the state - board and you have to qualify the same.

  • The course offered with computer application may vary from university to universities. An instance of course plus BCS 12 offered by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). Most uinvesities offers BCS 12 with computer application course plus and MCA. You can't go for both.

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