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    Query about a virus infected pen drive or CD

    Searching for a solution to an interview question? wondering what an infected pen drive or a CD called? On this page check out the answers and resolve your query.

    I have no idea that what is a virus infected pen drive or CD disk called.
    I was asked this question in an interview.
    Can experts provide this answer?
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    There are some of the tools online that can check for the virus in your USB or the CD or hard disk. You have to go to such websites and upload the infected files. They can scan the content and recommend you what type of antivirus is good for filtering such issue.

    1. Go to Virustotal :
    2. Upload the files to the site.
    3. Check the scan results.

    If the scan results turns positive, then infection is in some other issue. You have to update your virus definition on your computer then decide if the virus is real or some other issues. Another thing, download AVG free and Malwarebytes free version. This should take care of the virus issues as well.

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    You could have been asked more specifics of question? Pen or USB drive is just another extension of storage device. CD or compact disc also stores various types of data. So any virus residing on your computer disc can replicate it's location to USB disc. While writing CD , a file based virus gets written to disc. So such USB or CD if you connect to unprotected computer which don't have antivirus then it will start replicating and killing other desktop too. Only way to eliminate them is to scan such files to computer which has updated antivirus.
    Between virus is form of malicious files or executable program which will delete your operating system files and to crash your system, corrupt you data. Nowadays virus uploads your system details and data to remote server so make sure not to connect internet when virus is active in your system

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