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    How to resolve problem of low memory of laptop?

    Having a problem about laptop memory being low? Wondering how to resolve the issue? Find resolution to your query on this Ask Expert page.

    Since today morning, I have been getting a message on my laptop screen that the computer memory is low. This has happened with both Firefox and Chrome.
    Why does this message come and how do I resolve it so that it does not keep popping up?
    Do I need to clear some data in my laptop or just close the tabs I work on?
    If so, please give step by step guidance since I am not familiar with technical stuff and would not really know where to locate what on the laptop! My laptop is a Dell model, purchased a few months ago.
    Please see the attached image of the message I get to give me specific guidance:

    Laptop low memory problem message
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    Memory issue happens when some of the running program or services take on a lot of RAM. And then windows run out of RAM memory. I suggest you to read about how to handle the RAM and the virtual memory on your Windows. For different version of windows it will be different way to handle that. For example, by default the virtual memory is handled differently.

    1. Go to Control panel > Administrative Tools > Services. And disable the services that you don't need. In order to find out which services you need or don't need, follow the guide on

    There is also guide for other windows version so check that.

    2. Optimize the paging file settings on windows. Follow the below instructions.

    Go to control panel > system > Advanced > Performance > Settings. Here in advanced options you have to click on settings button in virtual memory option. And here you have to set memory above 4GB for all drives. This way your Windows may not run out of memory.

    These two things are known to cut a lot of RAM and processor usage. Make sure to also cleanup the settings and temporary files. Also remove the startup items to improve loading time of Windows. That should take care of the things.

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    I think this error occurs because of memory leak. Don't be store lots of data in the desktop because it will make the computer speed low. this type of errors occurs from many sources such as application, registry, processes, sevices.
    so to find causing the memory leak go to task manager(ctrl+alt+delete) click on the task manager option. the processes tab appears by default. Go to process column and disable the processes which are not in use. go to memory column to sort the currently running programs in the ascending order of memory usage. delete app which are not in use ,update applications under application column in task manager than restart pc and see if that fixes.

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    In Windows 8, The Random Access Memory(RAM)/ Virtual memory will not be able to support all the processes. If you continue, you'll end up you Operating System. The problem can be fixed through following trobuleshoot solution.

    Note: When you connect to internet, there are ads and malacious files that are automatically downloaded to your system program and alert you over and over prompting you with an alert "Low on Memory" and asking you to download programs. Ignore it, if in such case. Use good Anti-Virus software and activate shield for browsing.

    Temporary Files
    It seems that you Operating System has build up with significant amount of (.tmp) files. Windows automatically delete the .tmp files but unable to relase completely.

    1. Hit the Win logo (Start)> Type %temp%> Enter to open> Ctrl+A> Shift+Del(Delete All).

    2. Internet cache: Open settings> General> View temp files> Delete all.

    3. Task manager: Killing services is highly recommended. End services that you no longer use.

    4. Free RAM memory: Right click on Desktop> Select new> Shortcut> Type %windir%\System32\rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks and type Memory. This will free memory. (This is for advanced users)

    To get a solution and problem, you may want to try this option. Troubleshoot can't fix the issue but let you know what's the problem and how to sort out.

    For this, press Windows logo + F> Type "Troubleshoot" (Without Quotes) in the search box> On the left panel, Click "System Maintanence" and wait for the result. If there's a problem, it will display the result of programs that needs to be fixed.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    you can use IOBit (Razer) Game Booster to automatically disable features and services when necessary, and then turn off boost when you need the extra features and services. Also, use CleanMem to automatically reduce memory usage every 15 minutes. It runs a task every 15 minutes to "tell" the system to release RAM that is no longer being used by open programs and processes. Once installed, open CleanMem Settings through the Start Menu. Then click Start in the setup wizard window. Click Next, Next, Next, and then Install CleanMem Task Schedule, follow any prompts, then click Finish. That's it and you never have to worry about it again.

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