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    Biochemic salt or Homeopathic remedy ?

    Are you taking biochemical medicines? Want to know which medicine to take when and in what dose? Find out from our experts.

    How do we decide for particular ailment whether to take remedy in biochemic potency (6X,12X etc...) also known as tissue salts or go for higher potencies like 30C,200C etc.

    For example for skin problem should we prefer biochemic Natrum mur 6X or Natrum mur 30C ?

    One thing I am aware is that biochemic tissue salts acts as supplements and remedy both while higher potencies act as homeopathic remedies on the principal of "like cures like" but still it is confusing in deciding whether to take biochemic salts or higher potencies for particular problem.I guess severity of problem might be one factor.
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  • Which biochemic or homeopathic medicine is to be taken for which ailment is a matter of great study and experienced doctors only can prescribe it but there are some general guidelines and potencies of these medicines which a layman can also use primarily. For this one has to read and consult some basic standard textbooks on the subject and start prescribing for self or other person. As there are certain confusions regarding the potencies of these medicines in the mind of people, I am giving the basic understanding about them.

    The biochemic system is based on the effect of 12 biochemic salts on the body to be prescribed based on the deficiencies of these salts and this system of medicine was discovered by Dr Schuessler, a German Physician.

    On the other hand the homeopathic system is based on the effect of various compounds(hundreds of them) on the body to be prescribed based on the like cures like principle and was discovered by Dr Hahnemann, again a German Physician.

    Biochemic or homeopathic medicines are not given in crude form rather they are diluted to make potency forms and then supplied to the patient.
    When 1 part of these salts or compound is mixed with 9 parts of sugar of milk the resulting mixture is termed as 1x potency. Further when 1 part of this 1x potency is mixed with 9 parts of sugar of milk the resulting mixture is termed as 2x and so on.
    Generally biochemic medicines are prescribed in the range 6x to 200x.

    Same way homeopathic formulations are prepared in 1x, 2x and so on potencies and also by mixing 1 part with 99 parts of sugar of milk 1c potency is formed. And continuing same way 2c, 3c, 4c ... and so on are prepared.

    The dose of medicine is prescribed by the doctor based on the symptoms and age and vitality of the patient and there is lot of subjectivity in that in the sense that the doctor has to change and caliberate the medicine as per the patient condition and various factors which are associated with the ailment.

    There are certain precautions also to be observed while taking these medicines and certain foods are to be avoided before and after some time of taking these.

    Knowledge is power.

  • So does biochemic salts follow the principle of "likes cures like" or they merely act as supplements to cure the disease by fulfilling deficient salt in the body. Which potency ( 1X to 200X) is called true biochemic salt which only acts as supplement and not homeopathic remedy. For example for calcium deficiency which potency ( 1X to 200X) in biochemic salt should be used so as to act only as calcium supplement ?

  • Jignesh, I will advise you to read some very basic books on the biochemic as well as homeopathic medicines and try to learn yourself how the different potencies are formed by diluting the mother tincture or raw compound on a base of pallets of sugar of milk.
    Once you are through this process you will able to appreciate the prescription of different potencies as per the severity of ailment.
    Meanwhile as a layman guide biochemic mixtures are genrally taken in 6x potencies while homeopathic ones are taken in a wide range from few-x to few-c potencies.
    Your query is encompassing a big canvass and it is not possible to explain everything in a small post but definitely after getting all clues from here you can gain a lot with self learning books.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Biochemic- salts were discovered by Dr. Suchueller and according to him the biochemical salts altogether 12 in number are the vital body - supplements and any deficiency of a particular salt would cause the manifestation of a disease and then cure the same in some other system would involve a lot of expense apart from excess consumption of time in curing the same.
    Dr. Suchueller has incorporated all the relevant details when a particular salt is to be administered to a particular patient by having close observation of the patient and by analysing ones' mental and physical condition, a particular biochemical salt of an appropriate potency as decided by the Biochemist is administered to the patient for a specified time to cure the disease. By sticking to this system, there is complete elimination of the disorder involving very less amount of expenses and as such this system is accessible to all regardless of the economic status of the patient.
    Kali- phos 6x is a useful biochemic to be administered in case of prevalence of insomnia and mental stress. Natrum - sulph 6x may be prescribed in case of liver - disorder, skin - problem and in case of being one as diabetics. Similarly, other salts can be prescribed depending upon deficiency of the same in the body of the patient. The process of administration of the biochemic - salt does not need enough experience but can be mastered with patience. 3x to 200x are very popular in the biochemical treatment, but with 6x results are perceptible in a very short span of time.
    Potencies such as 30c, 200c etc are covered in Homoeopathic - medicines and as Kali Mur of 200c will be prescribed by a Homoeopath by observing the symptom of the patient.
    In that way, Biochemic and Homoeopathic system differs and of course, the former one is simple to be practised.

  • Dear Mr Sheo Shankar Jha,

    Thanks for your answer. One thing I want to know from you is that in homeopathy for example for muscle spasms we know one of the remedy is Mag phos. So how do we decide whether to give this remedy in biochemic form Mag phos 6x or medicine form Mag phos 30C. Which one will be faster to cure. Does it depend on severity of the problem ?
    So in general question is how to decide whether to give particular remedy in biochemic form (6X etc...) or medicine form (30C etc....) ?

  • Believe in the bio- chemic system and continue taking 4 pellets of Mag - phos 6x preferably by dissolving the same in hot water so that the pellets dissolve completely in the water. The same concoction may be repeated thrice in a day till you get a result. A treatment of seven days would suffice the purpose. Higher doses are required sometimes in case the results in 6x potency is not satisfactory.
    I have not tried c potencies in Homoeopathy.

  • Mr Jha has already nicely explained the biochemic medicine Mag - phos 6x and how to take it.

    Now let us try to understand that biochemic system is based on the compensation of the deficiencies of salts in the body and by supplying them from outside and the dose and potency is selected in the range 3x to 200x and generally speaking 6x is sufficient for the purpose and depending upon the results further tuning in potency can be carried out.

    On the other hand the homeopathic formulation are given in such dilutions as to invoke the body's vital systems to fight against the disease and cure the patient in the process. So here they are not working as supplements (as in biochemic) but exploiting the body's inherent capacity of reacting to a chemical and in the process curing and that is why it is known as - like cures like.

    The principal may appear confusing on the first instance but once the difference in the methodology between biochemic and homeopathic is understood, things will be clear.

    The potency of 30c is generally used in homeopathic treatment of muscle spasms using Mag-phos.

    When two different systems and approaches are there it is difficult to say which one will be better. We have to find out only after seeing the response of the patient.
    May be one patient feels better with biochemic while the other with homeopathic for the same ailment.

    Incidentally Mag-phos 30c is also known as aspirin of homeopathy.

    Knowledge is power.

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