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    No Infolinks ads found on my pages after associating ISC with Infolinks account

    Do you want to know how to link your Infolinks account with the pages of ISC? Then check out here to to seek guidance from our experts.

    Yesterday I have applied for Infolinks account and my account was approved within 20 minutes. I have completed the process to link this account at ISC but no advertisement is found on my pages so far.

    What is the reason? Can anybody help me? Is there any problem with linking my account to ISC?How can I know whether everything is OK or if there any problem?
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  • Ads are served on the page view sharing basis. ISC has it's own page-views sharing based on the points allocated on the forums and ask expert section for infolinks ads. And same applies to the articles that you have written. So you should get ads viewed in your own account based on that part. If you don't see any ads at all. I suggest you should contact support for infolink. And also the editors of ISC. You can find out if you need any customization for ads. Check out some of the help pages here where you can read about how to configure infolinks into your account.

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    Hi there,
    My name is Sarah and I'm a support representative here at Infolinks.

    Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any question you may have:

    Have a great Day!

  • Thanks Sarrah

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  • @Sarah
    Yesterday I did a message at infolinks related to my earning and today I got a message from Infolinks that "you are not the owner of".
    What should I do now? I have messaged them my profile link in reply. Please guide me what to do next.

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  • You've meet all the minimum requirement to apply for revenue sharing program. However, IndiaStudyChannel doesn't have an publisher ID for infolinks. The articles posted by Managing Editor in resource section will certainly help you sort out your issue. They only wrote guides on how to apply for Infolinks, rather not, do they guide on how to apply for Infolinks through ISC. You can apply or associate an Adsense account but in no way Infolinks is part of ISC or provide revenue shares for the same.

  • We have Google Adsense and Kontera revenue sharing programm. While Adsense being the primary option for revenue shares and Kontera being the alternative of IndiaStudyChannel.

    Infolinks in no way associated with ISC as far as I'm concerned. Members can only go for available preferences of revenue share program offered by the site.

    In the resource section, there are articles related to different earning topics along with cash credit. The guide and help topics has no availability contents related to linking of Infolinks.

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    Recently I have connected for Infolinks account and my record was endorsed inside 20 minutes. I have finished the procedure to connect this record at ISC yet no notice is found on my pages up until now. Help with Essay What is the reason? Would anybody be able to help me? Is there any issue with connecting my record to ISC?How would i be able to know whether all is well or if there any issue?

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