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    How do I get admited in TOFEL and ielts

    Want to clear TOEFL or IELTS? Need guidance on TOEFL or IELTS examination? Take some helpful information here.

    I want go abroad after completing my education how do I get admit myself for TOFEL ASND IELTS ?
    I heard that to go outside the country we need to pass some language test so I want know what are the test avilable and how to prepare for those exams?
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    If you are planning to go abroad for higher education then you are supposed to clear one of the English proficiency examinations like TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System).
    One has to apply for appearing in these examinations after filling the requisite application form and payment of fees. There are examination centres for these examinations all across the globe including India.
    These tests basically check on your abilities in four areas - reading, listening, speaking and writing.
    You have to prepare rigorously for these tests so that to get a comfortable score. There are some differences between the two tests and you have to decide which one you want to undergo.

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    'TOEFL ' is Test of English as a Foreign Language and 'IELTS' is International English Language Testing System.
    Both are English proficiency test, tests the candidates ability in Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.
    These four sections are more important to secure admission inside the university or the college in the country
    you wanted to study. Mostly the US had the system taking the TOEFL and GRE for M.S degrees and other degrees
    related to science and also GRE Subject test for the college. Every college has their own cut off for the admissions
    for that particular degree.

    Apart from the TOEFL iBT and GMAT are required for the Business degrees either Masters or Bachelors degree in the abroad Universities. Usually these are computer based test that happens in the test centers specified in the Broucher.
    Its possible to apply through the ETS website, where you can get the application posted by the ets
    to our home address with the original application for TOEFL iBT, GRE,GMAT, SAT etc...
    GRE is the Graduate Record Exam and GMAT is Graduate Management Admission Test used for the foreign universities for the admissions as a prerequisite for the subjects in English.

    TOEFL Test Sections usually consists of four sections

    Sections Time Limit Questions Tasks

    Reading 60-80 minutes 36-56 Questions Read 3 or 4 Passages one for the academic texts and to answer the

    Listening 60-90 minutes 34-51 Questions Listening to Lectures, Classroom discussions and conversations
    and then to answer the questions.

    Break 10 minutes

    Speaking 20 minutes 6 tasks To express on a familiar topic, speak based on reading
    listening tasks

    Writing 50 minutes 2 tasks To write an essay responses based on reading and listening tasks,
    supports an opinion in writing.

    IELTS - International English Language Testing Systems, where the IELTS is prepared for the universities in the Australia, Canada and other countries where these countries accept only those in specific before. Nowadays most of the universities accept any 'TOEFL' or 'IELTS' for the college admission or for the University admission.
    Some candidates take IELTS for the Migration purposes from one country to another country like canada, USA, Australia, Newzealand where the language requirement is only English the migrant has to understand while speaking inthe other countries.

    Most of the time TOEFL is used for securing for admission to the students who wants to study abroad universities where English is the first language.

    I.E.L.T.S are of two modules one is Academic Module and General Training Module

    Listening : 30 minutes ( Listening is 40 minutes, 30- for testing, plus 10 transferring the answering the an answer sheet)
    ( One person speaking for example is speech is about local facilitates)
    (conversation between two main speakers ( discussion between university students, perhaps guided by a tutor)
    (One person speaking about an academic subject)

    Reading : 60 minutes ( Variety of questions types such as multiple choice, short-answer questions, identifying information)

    Writing : 60 minutes (Task 1, Task 2)
    Speaking : 11-14 minutes ( Topic are general interest. There are two tasks Task 1, Task 2)

    The total time is 2 hours and 55 minutes. Listening,reading and writing are completed in one sitting. Speaking may in the same day or the next day.
    I.E.LT.S consists of four section Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking sections.

    With the score cards you can apply to any university in any country and get admissions for the Higher eductaion.
    I.E.L.T.S exam forms are available with British Council Chennai, IDP chennai. you can fill in the application there and hand it over to them.

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    TOEFL( test of english as a foriegn language ) and IELTS (international english language testing system ) is a test to measure your english language abilities. 4500 centers are in worldwide of TOEFL .You have to pay about $150 to $255( depending on where you live).
    There are four parts/sections in TOEFL exam first writing, second listening, third speaking than reading. Each section are of 30points means total ppints are 120. TOEFL exam are of two types IBT(internet based paper) and PBT(paper based test).
    For applying in IELTS, visit british council site register on the site as a general or acadmic based on your module. Choose the location and place. pay fees online though paypal or any another online payment will recieve study related material or test detail information as an acknowledgement.

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