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    Statcounter's code not detected on ISC

    How to find the Stat-Counter code on your ISC profile page? Just have a look at the responses here by our ISC wizkids.

    When I have opened my statcounter account and found that code is not detected on ISC. What could be the reason? I am attaching the error which I got at statcounter. Let me know how to correct it? What should I do ? First I have an issue with my AdSense profile page and now it is the second issue which I am facing after coming back to ISC.
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  • I think you need to check the security ID and the project ID that you have added in the statcounter settings. Make sure those two codes are right. The reason being your statcounter tracks the project ID and security ID code. Based on that you'd be able to track the traffic. Once you recheck the settings. I suggest waiting 48 hours. After that you may check again for the traffic. Make sure to post regular content so that statcounter on your account stays active. For example after revenue sharing period, your code for ads and statcounter may not track. So posting regular content is the only way.

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