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    I want know how to prepare for bank interview

    Do you want to know about the banking recruitment process and interview? Then please go through the suggestions given by our ISC experts here.

    I have completed B.COM I want information about bank exam as well as interview of different banks. I have taken coaching classes I can solve problems and other subjects like computer,English but I have problem to remember General knowledge. How can study GK so that I can remember?
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  • If you want to prepare for bank examinations then you will have to prepare a lot for General Knowledge, Logical and Mathematical Analysis and General English.
    There are standard coaching books available in market from which you can get the idea of questions asked in Bank exams.
    Regarding GK, I will suggest you to read newspapers and general magazines rather than cramming from GK books. However GK books can be used in the last phase of preparation for revision and quick scans of already read study material.
    GK is not a thing to perfect in one day. It is a long and persistent study of history, geography, political science, economics, social science and current affairs.
    In fact student start reading these things right from their school days so that the accumulated learning is transformed to the answers to the GK questions.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Preparing for bank exams require a lot of efforts. You should spend atleast 4-5 hours everyday and you should prepare not only grammer but also aptitude and reasoning, English. Preparing for General Knowledge is very important and general knowledge is very vast. You should keep your GK updated so read daily newspaper preferably in English with that even you can even improve your English along with GK. Solve aptitude and reasoning everyday. There are various banking books available with previous question papers and model papers, solve them as many as possible. You can take coaching also from some good coaching institute. Know the pattern of exam and prepare well accordingly. Get a book on GK and Banking Awareness and prepare from that book as well.
    All the best

  • As you have attended coaching classes, you have a fair idea of the exam and interview.

    In competitive exams what matters is to be the top of the lot. You should not underestimate or overestimate the competitors. Almost all are of same age group, qualification and knowledge. The core point is who scores bets at that time when exam or interview is conducted.
    Practice is what matters and makes you prepare for the test. Speed and accuracy is needed in the tests. For that much practice is necessary. You may have to work on all the guess papaers, earlier year questions(if available) etc. Good coaching classes give practice in this regard. Once the pattern is well understood, it needs constant practice and repetition to get speed.

    General knowledge, as it clearly is, is just general knowledge. Much of it can be obtained by regularly reading one or two good newspapers and following one or two good news channels in TV. If one of them can be English, that will be an advantage. For brushing up the knowledge learned and forgot, you can read one general knowledge book or magazine, if needed.

    Interview is mostly impromptu. Very few questions are kept ready by the interview board. Most others are coming from the responses and the bio-data(resume) one submits. One has to be sincere, truthful, decent and civil in behaviour and communication. One should not try to bluff on something one does not know at all. One has to be positive minded, and not to complain about the existing employer or job if one is already working.
    Some knowledge about the institution one goes for interview is good. One has to be relaxed and realistically confident. One has to be more thorough if one has projected any one field in his resume.

  • First thing you have to know is about the banking. Don't be hedge at the time of answer that will make your interview hampered. speak smartly is a helpful thing in any field and don't be over confident. read newspaper everyday. recruiter ask about detailed description of your place. Keep your documents in order as a port-folio. In bank, recruiter mostly ask questions related to your eduction, profile, general awareness, economic concept, banking awareness. Multiple choice question of Gk papers are available on internet which is good to remember and easy to understand.

  • After B.Com you can attend for bank exams and can get selected. They are two steps in selection process. The first step is written test. This written test will be on General Knowledge, Logical and Mathematical aptitude and General English. You should work hard for getting selected in written test. There are good coaching centers available. You can opt for a good one in your home town. Spend lot of time on solving old question papers and guess papers. Improve your general knowledge by studying good English news papers. The Hindu is one such paper. This will help you to improve GK and also your English. When you read concentrate on that and if meaning of any word is not known refer dictionary and know it. Don't leave it. I know many people who lost chances because of their poor vocabulary.
    In one of the competitive exam , I faced there was group discussion.The subject is Your sister loved a notorious person in your area. As a brother you encourage or advise her not to proceed. The question was written on a paper and given to one of the participants. He has to read it and explain to others and discussion will go on. But that poor boy don't know the meaning of the word "Notorious". So he ignored that word and explained. So the discussion went in wrong direction and he last the chance in getting selected to a good MNc. So one should be thorough with the subject.
    Once you are selected for interview, your performance in interview is also very important. Be positive and assertive in the interview room. If you don't know the answer for any question don't try by guess work. My suggestion is if you have any friend working in Banks approach them and ask them to share their interview experiences. Definitely it will be helpful to you, Take their advises and try to do the best. You can ask them to conduct some mock interviews with you and ask their observations and improve on these lines. Then chances for you to get a bank job will definitely improve.

    always confident

  • Hi Aparna,
    From your question it is clear that you have a clear idea of banking exams questions as you gone through coaching for that exam. There are different parts in the exam that are reasoning, quantitative aptitude, GK and english. In the competitive exams speed and accuracy is needed for success. So, practise them regularly to good performance in original exam.
    There are so many study centers which arrange MOCK test for the exam. Try to such a course because there is cut off marks for each group in this exam. If you do not secure cut off mark for a single group you may not be selected in spite of scoring high in other groups. So try to make sure that you score equal from each group. you can buy practise test papers and give test in your home within a stipulated time period.
    Now you are worried for GK. For that you need to read daily news papers and have to watch news. Make a exercise book and note important news on that collected from the news paper and TV. Then everyday try to read them for at least 1 hour and then write down the new GK. Thus you got a revise of that portion which will lessen the chance of forgetting old GK. Try to read some banking related GK from authentic book.
    Now the most important portion of your question. How to face the interview? The key for success in any interview is to be confident. There are some common question for every interview, as you gone through coaching for the exams I hope you know them and the pattern also. Just work on them and brush up your skills. If you are unable to speak in english you can do a short term course in Spoken English which will be helpful for your exam. And the most important thing read the biodata that you have submitted at the time of form fill up of the banking exam, because most of the question in a Interview asked from there.Hope these tips will help you in your coming exam and best wishes for the exam.

  • As far as your concept with regard to Banking - Examinatin is concerned, you do have clarity how to crack the same.
    You may follow the general guide - line for the success and that is speed and accuracy would be required to deal with the questions set in each portion of the test and keep in a mind, that each portion is equally important and you need to secure a minimum cut - off point in each portion such as Reasoning, Mathematical - ability and the GK. So far as preparation of GK goes, you may chalk out a strategy to go through some of the leading English - news papers and devote time to go through the headlines on daily basis. You may also go through the editorials of the papers and just see him w the events have been analysed by the editors and in that way you can strengthen your analytical ability. Make a note - book to log down the important current news on daily basis and these need to be reviewed periodically. Yo may also go through the English News Channel and glueing over the channels can enhance your skill. Ensure that there is revision of the events time to time.
    Now for the success of the Interview, you need to be confident and should not be perturbed unnecessarily. Try to enhance your presentation - skill in English and if deficient in interpretation - skill, it would be better to join a reputed coaching - institute so that you are benifited with their inputs. You need to be patient and courteous in your reply during interview. Be honest in your answers since over smartness would lead to disqualification ultimately.

  • I understand that you have completed your B Com course and want to appear for Banking recruitment tests for officers and other cadre. There would different examination for the two categories i.e., Officers and Clerks. By now, you would have applied for the SBI P Os examination which is due to be held in Jun'17 this year.

    General Knowledge/awareness and Current affairs plays and important role while deciding your career. Since you are a fresh graduate, it is not a difficult task. Apart from the suggestions given by our friends in their responses above, follow the Monthly Magzine Competition Success Review (CSR) published from Delhi. It cover all information right from Civil Services to BSRB, RRB and SSC examination. Thoroughly go through the contents and you can see the improvement in yourself within three months. You would get a complete idea about the Examination pattern, how to face the Interview, improving your English vocabulary and Logical reasoning which are common for all competitive examinations. being a graduate, you are eligible for other competitive examinations and try your luck.


  • I assume that you have been inquiring about the selection process of Public Sector banks. You must be well-aware that the written examination cosists of English, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning (both verbal and non-verbal/pictorial) and GK. For clerical grade, Clerical Aptitude is included.

    So far as GK is concerned, it is stated that there are two types of GK. One is classical GK (the answer of which doesn't change) and another is Current Affairs. In the GK of bank recruitment examinations, stress is given on Current Affairs, especialy on financial matters. You may subscribe to GK Today, Competition Success Review or similar journals and study for at lease one years periodicals prior to the examination.

    For the interview part, please go through the following articles of ISC:-
    (a) Unsuccessful interview and the role of the moustache
    (b) How to handle eight typical interview questions

    You are welcome to ask further clarifications on this issue.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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