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    Query for weight gain products

    Are you upset that you are underweight? Are you taking pills to increase weight, but still no improvement? Find out why.

    I have taken some medicine to increase weight , but because of that my legs got bend . I am facing genu velgum problem. Still I am very skinny .

    Kindly suggest me any suitable weight gainer products which don't have any side effects. As i am very much afraid of taking weight gain products now.
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    Generally the condition genu valgum (knock-knee) is sometimes present in children and with growing up it slowly disappears and the legs become straight. In your case as you have not specified your age we can not correlate as such.

    Please be careful in taking any medicine for weight increase as these medicines can have grave side effects. If you feel to take these medicines then it should be done under strict medical supervision.

    As regards the weight increasing potions there are varieties of products available and most of them are based on high doses of protein and carbohydrates and can be taken on a regular basis.

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    Don't take any powder or medicine without cunsulting doctor. weight gainer supplements does not work for me so i'll suggest you to folllow this home remedies that will make your weight increases.
    1. Ashwagandha churn,honey,ghee and
    milk : Mix 4gm ashwagandha churn, 1
    spoon honey and 1/2 spoon ghee in
    warm milk , mix it well and drink it
    twice a day for 1 to 2 month. you will
    definitily see changes in your weight.
    2. Eating raisins everyday ,raisins has
    high amount of calories.
    3. Banana is helpful in gaining weight.
    eating bananas after eating meal is
    helpful in gaining weight.

    Not only remedies work you need to do exercises and yoga with following remedies yoga such as snake posture,bow posture,surya namaskara,wheel posture, anulom-vilom, sheeshasan can be practiced to gain weight. It can be increase appetite and improve overall health.

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    All weight gain products generally have side effects. Is it necessary for you to take weight gain product. Try to gain weight by your diet or home remedies. There are many things which you can use to weight gain. Try to eat rice, potato and other starch rich items. sometimes these t hing cause gastric problem. To avoid this problem use saunf or gulkand after the meal both time. You can also use two teaspoon honey with cold water twice a day to weight gain. It will certainly work. Try this instead of taking any chemical product.
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    In order to gain weight healthy way, you need to change your metabolism. Now to change metabolism you have to do some unhealthy things. This way you would gain weight. But do note that once the weight is gained its harder to keep it in control. So if possible try to find ways to instead gain only the healthy weight instead of too much weight.

    1. Join exercise that involves lifting of weight. That helps gain some weight.
    2. Make sure to avoid eating unhealthy for gaining weight.
    3. Avoid taking weight gain powders and tablets, those are not good for health.
    4. See if you can find Ayurveda options for the weight gain.

    These are some of the way you can gain weight and sustain it in healthy way. Make sure that you are paying attention to the metabolism change. And don't forget to have some form of exercise.

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    Do not go for medicines to gain weight. Sometimes genes and bone structure do cause not increase weight.
    Here few things you try.
    1. Have good exercise and eat well all time of days.
    2. Increase intake of non veg food if it is allowed to you.
    3. Increase fruits intake specially Banana. Eat more cheese , butter, Ghee food.
    4. Many men says you put lot weight after marriage on same note if you are at age to get marry the go for it.
    5. Mentally and physically relaxation is very important to gain weight.

    More weight brings tension and body problems. Please make sure to have controlled weight gain.

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    You should not rely upon the market products for the weight gain since there is dangerous proportion of sugar, carbohydrate and other spurious drugs mixed in it causing serious side effects in the long - run. Here are a few tips which may be tried for the healthy weight - gain.
    1) Make some adjustment in your breakfast. Include a large Banana mixed with warm - milk and if you like add a tea - spoon of sugar along with other items in your breakfast.
    2) Include dry - fruits such as Walnuts, Raisins, Cashews and have them liberally so that the entire content is around 40 gramme. This may be taken regularly twice in a day.
    3) Incude Ghee, Butter, Cheese and Red - meat in your meal and the Continious use of these items will help you in registering weight gain.
    4) You may use Withania -.somnifera (Aswagandha) of any reputed Ayurvedic - company and roughly two teaspoon of the same is to be mixed in the warm milk followed by a tea - spoon of sugar in it. This concoction if used for 45 nights after your dinner will cause substantial weight - gain.
    5) Ensure that your liver - health is alright so that you are having excellent digestion. A half cut lemon should be squeezed in glass of hot water and the same is to be drunk in the morning to have the proper detoxification of the toxins present in the system.

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    It is not ideal for going herbal products for gaining weight. As our friends have already said, there would be some side affects of weight gaining drugs. For that matter, any drug which is used for improvement of one thing would have side affects on other parts. For example, the Hair oil applied for hair loss and dandruff may cause Hypertension and the same would be given as a warning sign on the drug itself.

    Take vitamin rich foods regularly to increase your weight. Have a boiled egg daily in the morning and one banana after lunch and dinner. Go for regular exercises and walking or jogging with which you are comfortable. Drink water at regular intervals. Still you want to improve your weight, have some iron pills and B-complex capsules and other drugs under proper medical care. Don't go by hearsay words and take proper medical advice so that no side affects would take place and proper guidance would be there to avoid them.


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