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    Which potencies can cause homeopathic aggravations ?

    Confused while consuming homeopathy medicines? Want to know which potency of homeopathy medicine really works for you? Find out here.

    Can anybody please let me know which homeopathic potency are most likely to cause aggravations in any particular patient. Is it a rule that higher the potency given more likely to cause aggravation ? Can it happen sometimes that low potency causes aggravation but high potency of same medicine does not cause aggravation ?
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    Generally speaking high potency doses (1 M, 2M ... ) can create aggravation in some patients and that is the reason why high potency doses are to be avoided in such patients.

    As per the original homeopathic document 'Organon' by Hahnemann if a medicine results in aggravation then two things are to be done - first is reduction of potency and second is decreasing the doses of medicine.

    If the aggravation still continues the ailment may be categorised under incurable and it is also evident that bodies vital forces are not cooperating to that extent as should have been after the prescription of medicine.

    The subject of aggravation and its manifestation in acute and chronic diseases requires understanding the basic philosophy of dose management and potency selection.

    This can not be understood properly until one studies this subject and simple question answer session will not be of much help.

    Hence I advise all who are interested in homeopathy to go through the basic literature and after that only we can clear the doubts and advanced concepts using ISC ask experts section.

    Best of learning.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Selection of right potency of a particular medicine is important for the cure of the a disease and such prescription of medicines in an appropriate potency reflects the experience of the Homoeopathic Doctor. However, a general trend has been observed that in an acute disease low potency of Homoeopathic medicine such as 30C, 200C are administered and for the chronic diseases, it is preferred to go in for higher potencies such as 1M, 10M, CM etc for the complete cure of the diseases. Doses are chosen by the Homoeopathic - doctors by keeping a close watch of the patients followed by painstaking query of different parameters such as ones' food - habit, sleeping pattern, regular motion details, ones' liking or disliking, time of aggravation of the diseases etc. Taking all parameters into account, appropriate medicine is selected for the patient and so a high degree of prudence is involved in judgement of Homoeopathic - medicine.
    Aggravation may take place in administration of higher potency of Homoeopathic - medicine such as 1M, 10M, CM etc. Aggravation means that a right medicine has been selected for the disease and stoping medicine for the time being so as to allow the previous medicine to react vigorously with the system of the body is done deliberately. Aggravation is temporary and the end - result is quite amazing- a permanent cure of the prevailing disease.
    Again, it is not necessary that higher the potency of the medicine, higher the aggravation. Even the high potency of Lycopodium of CM potency may not cause aggravation but if Sulphur of 200 potency, though considered a medium powered potency may result in tremendous aggravation.
    In general, low potencies medicines like 3C, 6C, 30C don't cause aggravation and are safe to be used.
    In regard to your last query, such manifestations are remote.

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    Mr Jha has very nicely explained in crystal clear manner the selection of potencies of homeopathic formulations. I have also enriched with the information.

    One thing I want to add is that in this system of disease curing sometimes depending upon the poor and slow progress of the patient the homeopathic doctor may change the formulations and again start afresh with selection of potencies and diagnosis based on various symptoms.

    The reason for this is the subjectivity in assessing the symptoms correctly as there are so many variations in the patients having same ailment. A large number of factors are to be taken into account by the homeopathic doctor.

    Knowledge is power.

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