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    Course like MCP,MCSA,MCSE or windows level course

    Want to know about the different certificate courses available in computer science? Are you confused about which certification to do among the lot available in system software? Take the help of our experts.

    I have complete my MCA and i am currently working as DL2 Engineer,I want some information about course and various levels of it.Like MCP,MCSA,MCSE.I want to do some course in windows or Server level.And also course in Citirx.Can anyone help me which course i should pursue according to market demand.And also please provide me levels of exam to pass.And fee structure...
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    You are already working as a desktop engineer so it is understood that you know the installation and networking aspects related to desktop environment.

    Now if you want to gain expertize in using Microsoft products then you can go for certain certification courses offered by them.

    Depending upon your interest you can choose from these. Now a days lot of work is being done in the area of networking , internet hosting etc and in that reference the course MCSE+I is quite good and it covers intranet and Internet solutions, browser, proxy server, host servers, database and messaging and commerce components.

    The fee structure can be asked from them in their site.

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    I think if you are interested in Server infrastructure then you have following options.

    1. Cisco certification for specific servers, routers and mainframes.
    2. RedHat Certification
    3. MCSE specific server version

    These three are the most common option. The version of the server and the specific goal for the certification differs. So I suggest considering your current job and the future interest in mind. For example, Linux skills are necessary so find out Linux related certification both server and for the hands on. That way you'd be able to get to apply to most of the linux server specific jobs. In case of MCSE, you'd benefit from tech support and network engineer jobs. Those can teach you a lot of things.

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