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    What are skills required for embedded testing ?

    Wants to know about the embedded testing skills in software. Just check in here to know from our experts.

    Those of who are working in field of embedded software testing can you please let me know what are the skills one needs to develop if one wants to switch career from application testing (web based) to embedded testing. What is the hardware and software environment, tools and equipments used in embedded testing and what is the process of carrying out embedded software testing ? Here I mean blackbox testing. For example if GPS or Bluetooth firmware is to be tested at blackbox level how it is done by embedded test engineer?
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    GPS(global positioning system) testing is incuding in software/system testing . GPS testing happen through flexible test software which are combined with modular PXI to perform single and multisattelite GPS reciever measurement. bluetooth testing is included in module testing. Testing is divided in unit testing, integration testing, module testing and software testing.
    If you want to become a software testing engineer than as a skills
    * you have a knowledge of ES(enterprise system).
    *debugging skills
    *perspective of finding errors
    *testing tools and methods

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    I have worked on the Mobile Embedded testing. And the work given to me was -

    1. Testing the OS and debugging various options specific to the ROM.
    2. Debug apps on the Android
    3. Debugging various hardware options with respect new Android update.

    Lot of things were there for the testing. Most of the testing software I used appium, calabash and few other in house tools. Though some were neutral to the OS and some were written only for the Windows. I didn't tested much iOS devices so not sure about their tools and the options.

    I'd say if you got the job in this industry, tools and the knowledge will be eventually something you have to learn. And that's how you're going to learn the stuff. Learn as required. Because a lot of tools change, so learning some tools often gets wasted in efforts. See what's important for your company and learn those specific tools.

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